Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Wedding: The Bride Getting Pretty

I was very calm the morning of our wedding. Everyone came together in my parents room for hair and makeup! My two favorite stylists were there to make everyone gorgeous for the big day! I must say...that morning went super fast and when scheduling your ladies appointments please add extra time! It will go faster than you think!

I was on my blackberry all morning! I was getting so many messages!!

Here is a cute shot of my bridesmaid! Who knows what we were chatting about! Oh, I miss her! I wish I could simply beam myself back to that moment!

I totally recommend hiring someone to do your makeup!

Love this creative shot!

Gotta love that Sexy Little Bride jacket! I also got an amazing delivery of balloons and flowers! I told you I loved balloons!!

Photo Credits: Sight Photography
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I really enjoyed spending that time with my friends and family. Living across the country and away from everyone...really makes you appreciate those special times! Unfortunately, I didn't get a group shot of us ladies all done up prior to getting dressed! I'm telling you...the morning will fly by!!!!! So, maybe make a specific list...and give it to a bridesmaid to make sure you get your shots!

Postcards For Free!!

You have until July 5th at midnight to get your 50 count of postcards from OvernightPrints for FREE!! I have used them for my Save the Dates and Thank You cards. We were extremely happy with the quality and will continue to use them in the future! In fact, I just took advantage of this amazing deal today...ordered another 50 Thank You cards!

Go to: www.overnightprints.com

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Of course we need to end this post with a pretty picture! I just received this beauty today from our photographer...I love it!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Wedding: Props 1

We used a couple of different props with our wedding photos..I will now share with you prop numero uno!

Balloons! If you know me ...then you know that I love balloons...I'd rather receive balloons then flowers any day! So, I ordered ten white balloons and well..I was extremely pleased with the results! I absolutely love how green everything is in the shot!

I will be getting one of these put in a nice large frame! But which one should I go with? Please go and vote at the poll!




All Photos: Sight Photography
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Will you be using any props in your wedding photography? If so please share!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Im soo glad it is Friday!! This weekend my Husband's co-workers are throwing us a party since most of them were not able to fly across country for our wedding. I love how the celebrations keep going strong! :) I am also hoping we can see Transformers!!

So, I leave you all with a ring shot...okay...this is serious bling...absolutely gorgeous! The ring also belongs to our fellow blogger, Relentless Bride! Go here to check out more of her shoot! They also went to Jordana, Hazelnut Photography for their engagement shoot! Go and checkout her new website it is simply adorable.

Photo Credit: Hazelnut Photography


Our Wedding: Rehearsal

On May 29th there were several storms passing through town and by the time our rehearsal began all the rain had vanished! We were able to complete an outside run through of the ceremony!

Below, is where our ceremony took place.

This is a picture of the venue, Boulder Ridge. Our guests simply strolled over to the building for cocktails and appetizers.

Here is a picture of us all lined up and going thru the ceremony. I loved the white chairs!

My brother practicing his reading. I was so proud of him..he did an amazing job! Even during the rehearsal I soaked up every minute!

I LOVE this picture below...me holding onto to my soon to be Husband!

Photo Credits: Sight Photography
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Our rehearsal ended up being so much fun! It was the first time I saw many of the bridal party and family since our bridal shower in March. I am also so happy we were able to capture some shots of rehearsal day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is Great!

Okay, You must all check out this dance! I loved it! Who is up to the challenge?! The groom was having a blast out there! If your bridal group lives close together I say DO IT!! Get together and hire a professional to put together a choreographed hit!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Wedding- Bells of Ireland

Ever since I saw this picture of bridesmaids carrying lush Bells of Ireland I knew that is what my ladies were going to carry. It had the nature factor written all over it!

photo credit:Unknown

Just about every florist I talked to said it is a pretty hardy flower.
Well, about 25 minutes into our "First Look" photo shoot...I looked at the bouquets and OMG they were wilting! I mean, they looked like drooping plants! We even put them in water..etc...out of the sun..it didn't matter...they were done for. With about 20 minutes till the start of the ceremony my wedding coordinator called the florist and with 3 minutes to spare (literally) they were delivered and off they went walking down the aisle! I am so lucky that my florist was able to whip up some bouquets in that short about of time! I don't have any professional pictures of them yet! The picture below is from a guest. Regardless of everything...I LOVED how the green looked with their black JCrew dresses!

click photo to enlarge

I can't wait to see more of our professional pictures because at the end of the ceremony they were done for again!!! So, I made sure those Bells of Ireland were not in anymore shots for the rest of the day! Very disappointing...but I am just glad we had fresh bouquets for the ceremony. My bouquet lasted forever...Thank goodness! My amazing BM's were great sports about everything and kept telling me it was no big deal! Below is a picture taken by my friend at the wedding of one of the BM's bouquets.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Drey
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Lessons learned? Not sure! I really trusted my florist...I am assuming it was the humidity. The florist couldn't believe how fast they wilted. Even while I am typing up this post I am feeling frustrated about all of it! Us brides have been planning our wedding up to at least a year in advance and for something like that to happen...is very frustrating! Did anything happen during your wedding day that you still get frustrated just thinking about it?!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Since I live across the country from my family...there are certain things that I must rely on my brother to do for our parents. It can become very frustrating missing out on certain holidays with the family. My Brother did great getting our Father a new set of golf clubs! My Father is actually recovering from knee replacement surgery and is post opt about 20 days and doing very well! Hopefully these clubs will give him the motivation he needs to get back to 100%!!

I have included two pictures to share. I really love the first picture of my Father looking out at all of our guests....

photo credit: Sight Photography

About two days after our wedding we went out on the boat for a little..it was very relaxing and it was so nice to spend some time with my amazing parents!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thank You for all your time and effort that you spent preparing for my big day! I appreciate all of your hard work! I hope you have one amazing Father's Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Wedding: Brides Bouquet

When I began my search for the perfect bouquet..I never realized how difficult it would be! I made two trips to the florist prior to making official decisions. So, when I came across Flower Allie's website and saw bouquet number 21...all my worries went away! If you are from Orange County and getting married...please check her out!

This is my gorgeous bouquet! I loved it so much! It was exactly what I wanted.

My goal was to find something mixed with greens and white flowers. The ingredients: Freesia, Astilbe, Spray Roses, Hypericum, Seeded Eucalyptus and Lemon Leaf. The freesia smelled soo good!

I love these two shots! I'm peeking out to see all of our guests...You can also get some other glimpses of my bouquet.

photo credit: Sight Photography
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Our venue was situated around mountains...trees...Nature! So, I wanted my bouquet to reflect that. My bouquet lasted for a couple of days! I was able to admire it for a while. My bridesmaids bouquets...well that is another story... I can't wait to tell you all about that! So, I will leave you all in suspense!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Wedding: The Chapel

I am still waiting for the big batch of professional pictures! Yes, I am busting at the seams...but I also realize that there were probably close to 3,000 pictures taken the entire weekend! That is a lot of work for one person!

As I said earlier, we went to PSU Mont Alto the day after the wedding and took some shots in front of the chapel. Did I mention how perfect the day was? It was absolutely beautiful! Here are a couple more adorable shots our photographer captured!

I love how you can see my black heels in this shot!

Everything was really green and fresh!

photo credit: Sight Photography
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On a side note, Kingston devoured his cupcake and had a fabulous birthday!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kingston!

Our little man is the big 2 today! To make it even more special I took a little trip over to Beverly Hills to snatch up some of his favorite Sprinkles cupcakes! Maybe one or two for me as well :)

They usually make puppy cupcake
s with a tiny bone on them but these will do!

Where did these two year go? It feels just like yesterday we were taking him to his first vet appointment! I loved how his one ear stayed down!!!

Now he is all grown u
p and ever so handsome & cute! Did I mention he photographs well?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Wedding: For the Groom

I had absolutely NO idea where to even begin for my now Husband when it came to a gift prior to the ceremony. He is not a cuff link type of guy...So when I heard about a Boudoir shoot I was sold! I posted about my experience here and here. I put together a book from www.blurb.com along with an adorable card I made with a love note inside. As a last minute purchase, I picked up a Coach money clip. So, I was set!

My Husband L*O*V*E*D the book of pictures! As did I! I am so glad I took a leap of faith on this one! It was one awesome experience!

Here are two pictures of the homemade card! He really loved this! Kingston is definitely our son and we missed him all weekend!

The photographer who I went to is based out of Los Angeles. Jordana, from Hazelnut Photography, did a great job and I already signed up for our Trash the Dress session in August! She launched her new website! It is really adorable so go check it out!

Have a fun TUESDAY!

Our Wedding: The Programs

A couple of words to describe the programs...Frustrating & Beautiful! Yes, what a set of words!! I do not have any professional pictures of them at this point but took some myself. Here is a picture showing off my beauties! The goal was simple and classy! I think we achieved that :)

My wonderful BM Danielle designed each page for me and used the same theme from my invitations and placecards. I really loved how I was able to use the floral damask pattern and birds throughout our special day. Here is a close up of the front:

The second page was a list of family and friends in the wedding etc. The third page was the order of the ceremony. If you look closely you can see one of the birds!

On the back side we did a remembrance area for our family. I had many compliments on this part and our officiant did read those names along with beautiful words in the beginning of our ceremony.

Photo Credit: ME
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Now why did I say frustrating? Well, the most frustrating part was tying the ribbon. Please make sure you double check the ribbon you are purchasing! The ribbon decided to turn our fingers black and it also rubbed onto our paper... UGH! I went back to Michaels and found another brand and took a shot at it..and YAY no more black fingers! It also took a very LONG time to complete all of them. So, my advice is to start VERY early if you decide to take on a DIY project like this! A huge thanks to my Parents who helped me tackle this project! I was only able to do all of this one week prior to the wedding..

Also, we had about 145 guests at the ceremony and I only made 100! Saved time & money. We had about 15 left over. Usually a couple will only take one program..if anything please don't make a program for each guest! To find some other good tibits on programs, head over to Tying the Knot, trust me on this one!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Wedding: Out of Town Guest Bags

We were so proud of our OOT guest bags that I had to do post on them! I hope all of our guests enjoyed all the goodies and it put a little smile on their face :) Thursday prior to our wedding we put about 46 bags together.

Here is a picture of a finish bag! I attached a tag with our monogram with ribbon and put a little note on the back of them. My amazing bridesmaid made the tags for me! It said "Eat. Drink. Be Married." on the bottom which went along with the bridal shower theme and of course my cocktail napkins!

We did an assembly line and actually had fun! It only took about 25 minutes from start to finish.

Costco and the Paper Factory greatly helped us out. I had an idea of what I wanted to include but figured it would be up to whatever Costco had on the shelves!

This is what we included:
2 Bottles of water
1 Hershey's Chocolate Bar (We grew up in Hershey, PA)
5 Strawberry Twizzlers
3 Mini variety bags of chips ( purchased boxes of "assorted")
1 Pack of gum

We really wanted just black bags but they didn't have enough! Then we went with white...and a couple green to complete the amount we needed. Each bag cost about 70 cents! Honestly I can't remember how much all the food/water cost. Below is a picture of completion!

We had a lot of mini bags, twizzlers and water left over on purpose. Our bridal party were able to snack on these leftovers between events on our wedding day. I know us Ladies did! In the end, I'm really glad we did the bags for our guests. We really appreciated them staying overnight and spending the day with us.

Looking at these pictures make me sad! Our wedding weekend went way too fast! Can we have a do over?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Wedding: A hmm..moment

Did you ever see a picture taken of yourself and you have absolutely no idea when it was taken? Well, this is my photo!! I just can't remember what song...or what I was doing exactly.... hmm.

photo credit: Sight Photography

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Any ideas as to what I am doing? What are my friends doing too?!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Wedding: Old Fashion

Soon as I saw a couple shots like below...I told myself I had to capture a shot like that on our big day. When we went to Mont Alto on Sunday...we got that shot! Our photographer even gave us several different styles of it! It was very hard not to laugh and look ever so serious! :)

photo credit: Rebekah Westover

And here are our shots! That little chapel was so adorable and perfect to capture amazing shots.

photo credit: Sight Photography
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My favorite one is the first picture...I love how my dress looks in these shots! This is my 2nd dress by the way! I changed into it after dinner! The last picture I will admit, looks a bit scary!
Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Wedding- My Dress

As many of you read one week prior to our wedding, I was informed that my wedding dress was destroyed at the cleaners! Well long story short the boutique in town had my dress (they ordered it in for me over a year ago and I ended up not purchasing it because I got it 50% off in LA) and the cleaners bought it off the rack for me and it was in amazing shape... So, here are some beautiful shots of my gown! So Whew!

These are my favorite!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You!

The day after our wedding, we drove over to Penn State Mont Alto campus for some pictures! I graduated from Mont Alto back in '02!! It was so nice to be back on campus and walk around...share stories with my Husband!! The weather was amazing as well...and I was totally psyched about getting started with our photographer.

So, lets get started with some recap! This is my favorite shot for our "Thank You" postcards..

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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Now, should we add anything on the postcard? Or should we add more pictures to the other side...for our guests to check out..I came across Jessica's recap (Tying the Knot) on her thank yous...and she did this!

Hmm..which way to go....what to do....what to do! I want to order my Thank You cards right away! This is definitely one of my pet peeves....I don't know how people can take months to send a thank you...As I am typing this post....I am going crazy cause I don't have anything to mail out yet!

I was very happy with our STDs postcards...so I will probably use Overnight Prints again!

A super huge thank you to my bridesmaid Danielle for making our sign!!!!!