Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YAY for Awards!

Lucky in Love presented me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!
Thank You Thank You LauraLou!

Rules, post 7 facts about myself and award another 7!

1. I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant, been doing it for 7 years!

2. I can not eat anything off a bone...ugh! Just grosses me out!

3. Rap music all the way! I love it..and I always seem to surprise people with my rap skills :)

4. I am a super sensitive person and I am trying not to take things soo personal... its hard!

5. When I make chocolate chip cookies, it must be Hershey's morsals! Forget the rest! ugh!

6. Id rather buy a brand new LV or Burberry purse than to decorate our furniture..etc or buy brand name cheap when it comes to that..I usually scout for deals... but when it comes to my purses.... Priorities..

7. I am completely in love with the Olive Garden Soup/Salad meal! I even go by myself sometimes during the week and eat at the bar... its soo yummy!!! and I dont' have to cook :)

okay, I believe these 7 amazing blogs deserve this award! Go ahead and check them out for yourselves!

1. My Journey From the Aisle

2. Tying the Knot

3. Gangl*icious

4. EJ and Roo Said I Do

5. Live.Love.Laugh.

6. Float On

7. No Longer* Soon to Be Mrs. G--she just got married!! check out her amazing pictures!

So, my dear bloggers!! I will be flying back to PA tomorrow again...for another beautiful wedding! My friend Jen will be having her amazing weekend! I will report back with some pretty pictures!! Congrats to those who are getting married this weekend!!

xoxo N

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"It is very important to practice the "kiss" before you walk down the aisle!" I heard this several times..from family and our minister. At first I thought.. "how crazy!" but...after a bit of thinking...I am really glad we did! Keep it PG and allow enough time for the photographers!

Take a peak at my latest favorites!

I love how he dips her! What a lovely picture!

I love how h
e just wants to scoop her up in his arms...very romantic!

photo credits: Hazelnut Photography

I actually went and googled, The Wedding Kiss and several hits came up as to how to plan for the "perfect kiss." How silly! In the end, we are so glad we practiced! It came out very is a shot of our "kiss." This was taken by a friend..I'm too lazy to dig up our professional shots!

So brides to be...start practicing!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Getting Excited!

So, I'm trying really hard to forget about New Moon....not get so excited..."be cool." But....

I JUST CAN'T HELP IT!!!! Check this out!

So, who else is with me? Who else is getting excited!!!??

Currently Loving...

Found: The Knot

There is something so refreshing about a beautiful bouquet....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blast From the Past!

When I was back east last weekend my Mother made me go through all of my old prom and homecoming gowns! I was really excited and nervous to try them all on! My Mom had the camera ready and we had a mini fashion show in the middle of the living room! Not the best quality images...but you get the idea of what they look like!

Ok, first up.... is my very first homecoming dress! It definitely needs a steam! Happy to report that it is a bit too big! My Date: Ryan

Next, my very first Prom dress! I still really love the color and style of this dress....and again...its a bit too big! My Date: Andy my 2nd Homecoming dress! I absolutely loved this dress....and still do to this day! I was able to wear it again for a college dance. I love how it criss-crosses under the arms. My Date: Colin

OMG...what was I thinking? This was for a winter formal dance...ugh..happy to discard! I think I purchased it for like 20 bucks! My Date: Kevin

Another Prom dress...I loved this gown! This picture doesn't really show the true beauty of the dress...I remember this dress was a bit pricey... My Date: ohh forget..but i can picture him! Oh his name is Christian!!

Here is a shot from the back....

Oh another homecoming dress! Not very crazy about it..I remember when I found go! My Date: Kevin

Prom dress! This was probably the most expensive dress I ever purchased! It has gorgeous rhinestones around the waist...I loved the slit! The color made me look so tan! But I must admit, this dress is huge on me! What happened? My Date: Kevin

So, in the end we are donating the dresses...I hope they find another good home and make another girl smile! These dresses brought back several memories and I am so glad I had one last moment with them :) and yes, Kevin and I went to several dances together!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, when we were on the hunt for our venue we came across several venues who prohibited shots. We were really surprised! Growing up and attending several family weddings there were always shots given out during the dollar dance or at the bar. But, many places today simply don't allow it!

Our family has a tradition at every celebration to do a shot of slivovitz. Growing up in the Serbian Orthodox church, you tend to stick with tradition! We were fortunate enough at our venue, they allowed one shot for the bridal party and immediate family. Which was perfect and I was so happy they were able to make this exception. I did a post on our traditions HERE.

photo credit: Sight Photography

Today, I was on the phone with a possible venue site for my Brother's wedding and they didn't even allow me to get out the words! "It would only be.." that's all I got out! :) I totally understand they do not want the guests to become drunk and dangerous! But, for one shot..? For a ethnic tradition? We are spending thousands of dollars.... I think one shot should not be a problem at all!

What are your thoughts on shots at a wedding? Or any type of hard liquor?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I flew back to the east coast this past weekend for my cousin's wedding. It was a small affair with about 60 people in attendance. It was held at the Milestone Inn in Harrisburg Pa. It is an adorable Bed & Breakfast situated along side the Susquehanna River.

It was so nice to see all my family and spend an evening dancing!

The Newlyweds!

The kids!

My Cousin, Brother, his Fiance and Mother! It was a gorgeous day!


A quick shot with Mom!

The trip definitely went fast (as always) but it was so nice to spend a nice chunk of it with the parents!

Back to the grind of things!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dates on a Dime!

Since most of us are in a money are a couple of dates that cost..well maybe at most a dime!

1. Test drive your fantasy car together... who cares if you can't afford it...its more fun to pretend!

2. Take the rough out of "roughing it." For just one evening, camp in your backyard. Skip the tent so you can view the stars!
(take a bottle of wine)

3. At your local Humane Society, snuggle and scratch adorable adoptables. Talk about hte pets you had as a child. List their names, antics and habit... oh and commit to waiting 24 hours before deciding to bring a pet home!

* all info taken from the book: Simply Romantic, Dates on a Dime

Any of you have any cheap and creative ideas? Please share!

Oh and here is another one of my favorite shots from our Forever After shoot!

photo credit: Hazelnut Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting.

When was your last date with your Husband or Boyfriend? Sometimes I think we forget to stop...and appreciate each other among the craziness of planning a wedding..and day to day activities....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I appologize for being so MIA lately! Things have been very busy which is also a very good thing! Not sure if I have ever shared with my readers...but my Husband works about two hours north every week... So, he leaves monday...and hopefully he comes back Friday morning but it doesn't always seem to work out that way. Hence, I am by myself down in the South Bay most of the time. Which is fine but it would be nice to have more friends! It can be very tough at times...not knowing many people and trying to stay busy!

Lately, I have been reading a couple blogs that have anything to do with running, training and working out. For the past two weeks, my neighbor and I have been running together (neither one of us have any running experience) and it has been going great! We are up over a mile now and happy to report we can chit chat at the same time! :)

Here are a couple of my favorite blogs!

Chic Runner Blog- up to date info on running clothes, races, tips... plus she is from So Cal as well!
Skinny Runner- I love hearing about her races and how she prepares..she is really funny! Oh and she is also from Cali!

There is a lot of comfy running clothes out there and I love my sneakers! I mean..ya gotta look cute right? The other positive living in So Cal is the amazing weather we have for running or any outdoor sport!

So, I'm trying to fill in my empty time (which is a lot) with something that will make me feel accomplished and healthy. My goal of running a 5k this November would be amazing! There are tons of races in LA...

Does any of my followers run? Just started or already doing the 1/2 marathons? Any tips you can give a newby?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Purple Lush

Purple is my favorite color..I honestly thought about going in that direction for my big day...but as all other brides..I think I changed my mind like twenty times! If I could do it all over again...or have a second wedding :) I know I would go in this purple direction!

Check out these details! Are you planning a plum, purple, magenta wedding?

A purple car!

Look at that handkerchief! Details!!

I love these ring dishes...

Look at this gorgeous bouquet!

Love his tie..too!

A girlfriend of mine who is getting married this October is planning a plum and magenta wedding! She has been on the hunt for some plum shoes! I wonder where this bride snatched up her gorgeous pair?

Love her simple and romantic...

I found these gorgeous pictures from one of my favorite photographers..Jordana from Hazelnut Photography. Go Here to see more pictures from Jessica and Josh's big day!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries

So who will be tuning into tonight's Vampire Diaries? I will definitely be giving it a chance!

The vampire, Stefan is extremely easy on the eyes! Oh...Im soo excited that FALL TV is almost back in the swing of things!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

100 Days!

I love the simplicity of this shot....

photo credit : Sight Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting this picture

and how my Husband is holding me as we dance...

This past Monday we celebrated 100 days of marriage! Wow..did that go fast!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Wedding- Guest Book

In the early stages of planning of our wedding I believe the first item I crossed off our list was our guest book! I got my inspiration from Tying the Knot's guest book! I always thought a traditional guest book was a waste of money...paper...etc... Seriously, what do you do with it after-wards? So, when I saw this idea...I was sold! We just had our engagement shots completed and I was anxious to use them one way or another!

I went with Blurb for our book! They had several different layouts and styles to choose from. I carefully picked out certain graphics but used them as watermarks...

If I could do it again....I would have used one large picture which covered the entire cover like I did for my boudoir book. This was my first time using Blurb book and I was just getting the hang of it...

I had a hard time figuring out which pictures to choose from!

I also made a couple of pages with just pictures...

Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting any of these pictures.

I had 9 sides with each of those containing lines for our guests to leave sweet messages! We had a perfect amount of space for our guests! The other remaining 12 sides were adorable pictures! There are 11 pages total... We had about 150 people at our wedding...You could also keep those pages blank for a yearbook feel....I am very happy with the over all quality of the book! It was worth every penny!!

Since we had so many compliments about our book....Something tells me our guests were eager to get over there and give us their autographs! So give your guests something new to talk about!!

Anything else I would have done differently besides enlarging the picture on the cover? Probably add more pages of engagement shots!! We currently have our guest book on our coffee table for daily viewing!


So, I noticed I had a new follower (yay!!) and I went to check out her blog... and to my lovely surprise Stephanie is not just any blogger... she creates these amazing custom canvas art boards!!!

The blog is called Geezees Custom Canvas Art! She is currently having a giveaway!

photo taken from Geezes Custom Canvas Art

I of course already put in my entry! I can just picture using this image below with our vows put on the the side.... What a fabulous idea! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

photo credit: Sight Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting this picture

So, hurry up....right now...and put in your entry!

Stephanie, thanks for becoming a follower!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today, my little brother...


proposed to the girl he loves...

I am so happy for the two of you! Congratulations!!

Don't they make such a cute pair? Today, at the Penn State game (where they met) my brother decided to pop the question! hmm.. maybe a State College wedding is in the future? Ohh! I'm so excited we have another wedding to look forward to! Our families couldn't be happier for the two of them !!!

Congratulations again to my Brother and his Fiance :)
We wish we could have been there to celebrate!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Wedding- The Invitations-Final Product!

I just realized that I never shared the final product of our invitations! My good friend and bridal attendant Teresa designed my beautiful stationary. Right from the beginning I wanted something simple and cheap to mail! We started the design process back in the Fall of 08! Every time I would fly home, Teresa and I would meet up! Oh, it was so much fun!

Did you notice how the invitations match the placecards, programs and the seating chart? :)
I LOVED how it all matched!!

Here are a couple of pictures of our reply postcard.

They had three meal choices...each represented by a cute little graphic!

I received everything
the weekend of my amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party! I put a few together to personally handout at the shower. I just couldn't wait to show them to everyone! Here are a couple of shots of my mini work station! I had to make space and move my Mothers decorative stuff out of the way :)

To jazz the invite up a knotch, I added a black band around the invite. I went to Michaels and purchased black cardstock and cut several strips! It also held the invite and reply card together.

In the end, they were exactly what I wanted! I have several left over and I think I may just make a couple of ornaments for this Christmas! I posted this DIY project back in April (wow, time goes by fast!!) and thought it was such a cute idea!

Lessons learned? I might have added an additional card with lodging info/directions. We had several phone calls from those guests who do not use a computer! We did put together a wedding website with tons of information. We had several hits a day..and tons of sweet messages :) BTW, I totally recommend setting a web page up for your guests!

Below, is a picture of the talented Teresa and Moi!

photo credit: Jeremy Drey (aka Teresa's fiance)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay, soon as I saw these pictures I had to share with all of you!

These lucky Ladies got to sport Betsy Johnson dresses....

knuckle rings....just like LC!

and carried bouquets of baby breath...but look what the Bride got to carry...

And of course..a serious couple shot! To see more from this amazing HERE!

These amazing shots were found from Christine Chang Photography.

Have a wonderful Tuesday my dear blogger friends!! and...I'm thinking I may just snatch up myself a knuckle ring..They are cute!