Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Wedding: The Dance

Okay my fellow bloggers! I was really nervous to post our dance...but with a little encouragement from some of you...I have gone ahead and posted it! Remember...we have no dance experience and completely out of Husbands comfort zone!!! Sweet comments only allowed :D

In the end, I am glad we did it! I just couldn't do a first dance where we would just do a high school move the entire time!We were nervous more about the dance then the wedding itself! After the dance, we were on a high! As I said previously, I'm really glad we had our bridal party lined up infront of the fireplace! After viewing the pictures from our dance and this video, I'm glad it caught them smiling and laughing!

A huge thank you to my friend who video taped it! Darren, you did an awesome job!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry I have been so MIA! The Husband was home this week and we have been very busy !! Here is another one of my favorites!!!!!

Photo Credit: Hazelnut Photography

Today I am off to visit a college! Trying to figure out if a Masters Degree Program is in my near future! eeek!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Wedding- Seating Chart

We decided to do a seating chart and place cards! I know..extra work...but it was all well worth it! Here are a couple of pictures of the adorable chart my amazing bridesmaid created for us! I purchased a beat up black frame from Michaels, (got it discounted) and had my Father patch it up and spray it black!

We did it by alphabet and placed the table number at the end of their names. I blurred out the last names for privacy!

photo credit: Sight Photography

We continued the bird and damask theme over into our programs and then into the seating chart! Here is a head on non fancy let me see exactly what it looked like shot :)

Then once they found the table we had gorgeous little place cards awaiting for them. Again, the talented Jessica from Penned & Pretty did all the calligraphy. Here are a couple of pictures.

Here is a close up shot of my place cards from Penned & Pretty's website. Once I got them back from Jessica I simply circled the meal choice which was located on the bottom left of the card. 3 little graphics to choose from!

Photo Credit: Penned & Pretty
Place card designed by Teresa VanWagner

Again a super huge thank you to my amazing bridesmaid Danielle who put so much love into my special day!! She is very talented!

My other good friend, Theresa who is a graphics art designer, created my invitations & place cards! I was so fortunate to be able to carry the design throughout the wedding! It was so nice to have creative and talented friends!!! THANK YOU LADIES!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding of the Week!

One of my favorite photographers, Jordana from Hazelnut Photography (who did my boudoir & TTD) posted some pictures from a wedding she covered the other week. I can not get over how gorgeous it was! The colors are vibrant and beautiful. Calling all Southern California Brides!! Looking for a venue? Something different and romantic? Please check out the Figueroa Hotel, which is located downtown LA.

This absolutely stunning...

This is such an adorable "first look" shot! Look at the back of her dress!

I would have LOVED to have been apart of this bridal party! Hopefully I would have gotten purple!

I am obsessed with the brides bouquet! Do you notice each of the BM's necklaces?

This is extremely romantic! I love candles :)

Check out these details...

All photographs: Hazelnut Photography

Please go HERE and check out more pictures from the wedding!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Wedding- Our Signs

If you are planning on having a garden, outside and/or "nature" themed wedding...I highly suggest making a couple of cute little signs! My Husband put together three signs for me with extra pieces of wood laying around.. I simply did a little scribble and finished! It was so easy!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography

Even though our venue had a couple of signs directing our guests, we actually had several gracious comments appreciating the extra help! I placed them up the winding road which could become confusing for first time visitors. It was just another cute DIY project that also assists your guests! Plus, you will get some cute pictures which is always good!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Pictures

Next month, I have setup a family picture! Me living in LA and the rest of the family back in PA has been very difficult lately. My parents are only getting older and well, so is my "little" brother! The only way to stop time is with a picture :)

I have been hunting for some inspiration shots with clothing ideas!! Which is always the toughest! I came across this shoot from Nicole Green's blog and I just love it! Below are a couple of my favorite shots.

I love the North Face jackets! My family has all different colors though! We will be taking pictures back in PA towards the end of September so it may be a bit chilly!

I really REALLY want to capture of shot like this of my parents!!

And..of course a couple of FUN shots!

To see more of these family shots click HERE and head over to Nicole Green's Blog.

Hmm...would be be too much to ask my Family to purchase black North Face jackets? :)

back to searching....

Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood!

So, did anyone else watch True Blood lastnight?! It was definitely mixed with humor, bad acting, sadness and handsome Eric!

I loved lastnights episode...and I really enjoyed watching a more sensitive side of Eric...during Sookie's dream :) Only 3 more episodes left! I can't wait!

Is it only me or does Stephen Moyer's (Bill) acting just get worse with every episode?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Wedding- TTD or Forever After

I must say....I am very pleased with our amazing pictures!!!

I even made my own bouquet!

About 2 weeks after our wedding I cut off a couple inches of my hair! It felt sooo good!

My Husband did such a good job! He looks so handsome in these pictures!

I went to Vicara Salon in El Segundo for a quick blow dry and style.
Gigi Jara from the South Bay area did my amazing makeup! Let me know if you are interested in her services!! She is one sweet and talented makeup artist.

Photo Credit: Hazelnut Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting these pictures

To see on over HERE!

Okay, so now that they have been posted...I'm feeling a bit better! Thank you all for the sweet cake comments!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Wedding- The Cake

Okay, let me take a deep breath... {sigh} This is definitely one post that I have been dreading! I was so unhappy with our wedding cake. I went to a reputable baker who has been nominated on The Knot and felt confident! I took in this picture and explained how I would like it to look like bark..etc.. yet I wanted a very simple and organic look. When I saw the cake I was ready to wedding planner said she loved it..and how simple it it fit the venue... but in all honestly it isn't what I wanted! I wanted folds of the icing...over lapping...not stripes!

On a lighter note, it tasted amazing! Each slice served was half lemon, half vanilla. Many compliments on how light and delicious it was! In fact, the left overs were gone within 2 days after the wedding.

I really like this picture below...too cute!

I like this picture just because it's taken by a unique perspective...

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting these pictures

So, I am in major need of sweet comments and reassurance that people forget what the cake looks like and all that is important is our marriage :) You know what would really make me feel better? Is some sneak peeks of our TTD session to be posted over at Hazelnut Photography's blog!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Wedding- Traditions

Traditions are very important and I made sure we incorporated a few of my favorites. Besides the ceremony, we added some in during the reception. I felt it put a twist into the "normal" routine of a reception..We had tons of amazing and sweet comments on our reception..which means soo much!

First, we did a Family tradition of a shot of slivovitz brandy. It is an ethnic/family tradition during celebrations. The bridal party and parents gathered together for a quick sip! Whew..did it burn :)

I love my face in this shot! It sure made my tummy warm!

Then I asked my Father if he could gather some of the guests who are in our church choir and sing the Lords Prayer in Serbian prior to dinner. It turned out beautifully. No music... They sounded amazing and I swear I heard my Grandmother's voice singing as well..(she passed away and the choir was her life.) My eyes swelled up with tears....

Below is a picture of my Father singing and his brother (my Uncle) in the background. Infact, all three Brothers were there to sing which meant so much since they hardly get to see each other...Weddings bring soo many people together...

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding when posting these pictures

We also did a circle dance (i can't locate those pictures) which was a lot of fun and many people got up and gave it a try! In the end, I am sooo glad we decided to throw these traditions in! They were a lot of fun and meant so much!

Are you throwing in some family/ethnic traditions into your reception??

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Social Butterfly

Future Mrs. H over at Think Happy Thoughts awarded me with the Social Butterfly! Thank You Thank you!!!

I shall pass this adorable blog award to...

Stephanie over at "I Do" at The Zoo
Chelsea at A Colorado Cupcake

Oh and our TTD session was amazing!!! I can't wait to see a sneak peak on our shoot! By the end of the session my hands were numb and the ocean water was actually feeling warmer than the air. I took my dress to the cleaners today and I'm anxious to see what they can do!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Wedding- The First Dance

We were incredibly nervous to perform our first dance! As I mentioned in this post...Darin and I went to Lisa for a choreographed dance! First of all, this was way out of Darin's comfort zone and I was prepared during the "learning" sessions that this may end at anytime... But, we kept going...and each session was full of laughing...joking around and having a blast! The only thing we were worried about was looking silly...and as my Husband puts it... "Look like tools!" :) In the end, I am really glad that we pushed through and performed our choreographed first dance! Some of our guests were shocked and loved the entertainment! We were soo nervous and relieved when it was over...but at the same time felt accomplished :)

The pictures turned out amazing! The inside of the venue is simply gorgeous and made the shots even more beautiful. Click on the photos to enlarge. Our friends videotaped our dance..and I'm still debating whether I should post it or not... haha!!

Photo Credits: Sight Photography
Please link back to east Coast Wedding when posting these pictures

We performed our first dance to Jason Mraz, Lucky. It had a fun and upbeat tone and the lyrics were perfect! I am also glad we had our bridal party lined up at the fireplace. It was a perfect spot for all of them. I love the expressions on their faces!!

Are you doing anything special for our first dance?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trash The Dress!!

This Sunday we will be heading up to Malibu with Jordana from Hazelnut Photography for our TTD session! I am super excited and trying to figure out if I should play up my makeup or go more natural!! ohh soo many decisions! Layered pearls...or nothing...ahhh!

I hope we can capture a picture like this!

Photo Credit: Isis Photography

My Husband has somewhat of an idea of what a TTD is....but I'm anxious to see how he does!

Are you doing a TTD or have already done one? Any suggestions?!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Wedding- Jewerly

Remember when I posted about my amazing earrings I snatched up for my big day? I was soo excited to wear them on my wedding day! In fact, this Sunday we have our TTD session in Malibu and I am so excited to be wearing them again! Below are a couple of good & clear pictures of the earrings.

Darin got me a gorgeous white gold bracelet as my wedding gift. I wear it all the time! I had no idea what he was planning on getting me!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
Please link back to East Coast Wedding if you post these pictures

I wish I would have had some family jewerly to wear but unfortuantely our family didn't have anything special to wear. So, I found my own! I hope my Daughter loves my earrings as much as I do. Hmm..I wonder if I will share them?! :)

Are you wearing anything special on your big day?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another good deal!!

Yesterday as I was shopping (again)..I came across these adorable dark plum argyle socks at Banana Republic! I snatched up 8 for my girlfriend who is getting married this fall! These socks were only...are you ready for this... $1.99 each!! Yes, that's it!

I wrapped them safely in a box with pretty tissue paper and sent them off to PA! They have a long road ahead!

Even though this sock trend is still going strong...and everyone seems to be doing it..I still LOVE it! I think it's a great gift for the groomsmen too...Practical & Fun!

Below is a shot from our wedding. I couldn't find a color that I really liked...and that matched! So we went with black/grey combo. The Groomsmen loved receiving a tie and socks as their gift..versus another flask or pocket knife!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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Are you going along with the sock trend?!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Wedding- Fun Prop!

After the ceremony we too some time for family and fun shots! The skies were absolutely gorgeous! Another prop I purchased was a gorgeous black frame from Michaels. It was on sale for $5.00! Marked down from $80.00!!! What a deal :) I am absolutely thrilled with the pictures and I am having a hard time to pick out specific shots for our album and to hang on the wall.

Photo Credit: Sightphotography
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Are you using any props for in your wedding photography?