Friday, December 12, 2008

I Fell In LOVE!

Yesterday, the Fiance and I drove down to OC to go shopping for Christmas! I had only one goal in mind..which were to locate my CHANEL earrings! For the past 2 years, he has waited till the last minute to purchase them for me and of course they were always sold out! You may have seen them before, they are very popular! Two tiny C's! Well, to my luck they were not sold out and I was happy!! Merry Christmas!! As the salesperson was ringing up the purchase I was walking around and looking at all the gorgeous purses...and other jewelry... I came across a pair of earrings that caught my eye. Of course I had to try them on...It didn't matter how much they were.. I had to see what they looked like on... I fell hard and new they would look perfect with my dress...Well everyone, here are my bridal earrings! It was definitely love at first sight!

I just couldn't get a nice picture of them upclose.. I need a new camera! But ignore the terrible pic of me..and just focus on the earring! Click the pic to enlarge. They have such a vintage feel and look perfect with my dress! Plus, they are a limited edition. Which 10-15 years they will go up in value! What a unique piece of jewerly to keep in the family. Hopefully my daughter will wear these in her wedding. Thank you Mom for contributing to these lovely earrings! {still beaming!!}