Friday, December 12, 2008

Beauty Pain

Is anyone doing anything special to get your skin looking beautiful for your big day? For the past few weeks I have dabbled into the world of 'laser." There is a new aesthetic spa which opened in Hermosa Beach a little while ago, "Contour Aesthetic Spa" and they were selling spa promotions to get new clients to visit and try different services. So, I figured I would give it a try and test out everything. If you live in the LA or OC area click here to find spa promotions located near you! Let me share my experiences with all of you!

The first treatment that I had was
Laser Hair Removal. I decided to attempt the bikini area. When I scheduled the appointment the receptionist was 100% honest with me and said it will hurt. I was like...really?! So, I signed up for the numbing cream (IS A MUST). I arrived 30 minutes early to my appointment and threw on the cream. No numbness....15 minutes later no numbness....another 15 minutes later no numbness... at this point I was a little worried. Cecelia came in (who I totally loved) got me ready to go! She did some test spots and it didn't hurt that a rubber band snapping on your skin. Okay..lets go! Within 30 seconds of her starting I thought I was literally going to shed some tears! "Maybe we should have left the cream on longer," she said... After 5 minutes we were done. Yes, it was quick but extremely painful. "how much longer" I would say! She placed a cold washcloth on me and it gave me relief! By the time I was dressed and at the desk the pain was gone. The cost would be about 500.00 for 5 sessions which would be the amount of times I would need to go to have all the hair removed. You schedule appointments apart about 6 weeks. Now that it has been 2 weeks..I am able to reflect on the whole experience...I don't think I am willing to shed that much money right now for that amount of pain. Pros: No more shaving..waxing...GONE! Cons: 5 -10 minutes of suffering each visit and expensive, Long term commitment (several months) and can not be in direct sun.

Don't let that smile fool you! ouch ouch ouch! :)
Stay tuned...up next I will share my experience of Laser Genesis Skin Resurfacing.

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ChicUrbanWedding said...

I'm addicted to the laser...I'm having my legs and bikini area treated in hopes to be razor free by my wedding. I didn't find the bikini area to hurt so much but the legs, especially along the shin bone...ouch!

I'm also going to start a series of facials to get my skin ready for the big day. My first treatment is on the 29 and I'm supposively going to shed a lot of skin. Should be interesting.