Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Gifts

I want to have a little "Thank You" for all our guests who stay over night at the resort. I first fell in love with these "Gable" boxes. They are simple and cute. I was thinking of using the "tan" color and attaching our monogram on the side.

photo: unknown

Then..last week..back in PA...we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to peruse..and I found these PennState tote bags. It also promotes recycling! Which is always a good thing :) I would have to assume that most of our guests are either PSU Alumni or fans! The prices for these bags come to about 2.10 each..& there is a higher chance our guests will reuse these again versus the gable boxes.

What do we put in them? Well..I definitely want bottle water and pretzels! Since we are from Hershey...where the best chocolate is made..we will throw some of that in too! Hmm..which one to go with?! What did you use? Any suggestions?


jessica lynn said...

ohhh that is a tough one. as long as you are pretty sure that all/most of your guests are PSU fans/alums then I say go for the bags because they are different and fun. but they are also $2.10 each. when you start adding everything up, it gets pretty expensive for the welcome bags + all the goodies. You can get the boxes for pretty cheap (and incorporate your logo/monogram!). We went with white bags that I think were about $.20 each.

jessica lynn said...

p.s. with the white bags I put in plum tissue paper, so it meshed with our wedding colors....i just dont think that i took any pictures of them! :(