Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bridesmaid Dresses

A while back I had fallen in love with ARIA dresses and posted this about them. Yes, they were about 200.00 each plus shipping..but I was prepared to help out my BMs.. Then, I learned that having 1 bridesmaid pregnant (due Dec 23rd) and another bridesmaid just getting her body back to where she likes it...was a huge problem... Especially when orders have to be in at a certain time. So, after perusing .... searching... I found THE dress and all 3 BMs are much happier... problem solved!! BUT!! I still heart my ARIA dresses...

May I present you the bridesmaid dress! THANK YOU JCREW!!

photo credit: JCrew

I am having the girls wear their own black simple shoes...and I will be providing the jewelry! Currently, I am thinking about Bells of Ireland for the ladies! Nothing is set in stone yet. As I had stated in a previous post..I met with our florists and received some good looking quotes...but I'm just not set on anything yet!

photo credit: unknown

But, then I came across this bouquet and now I'm not sure! These are two completely different styles!

I think at some point us brides need to just make a decision and then refrain from searching...seeking...other styles and ideas! Should I go with something different..for the BMs and I stay traditional? We will see!!


Newlywed Next Door said...

Hi Nicole - thanks for finding my blog! Our Engagement pics are actually in Long Beach :-). LOVE your MB ones (I used to live in MB and got engaged ON Manhattan Beach so it's a special place for me)

jessica lynn said...

hello?! when are you blogging again!!?!

Janice Lois said...
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Raike said...
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