Thursday, December 31, 2009


Anyone having a New Years Day Wedding? This would be the most perfect table settings ever!

photo credit: unknown, let me know!

Happy New Years to all my blogger friends!!!
2010 is going to be bigger and better!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lovely Idea

When I was planning my wedding...I searched for something unique to hang my wedding dress on to capture gorgeous pictures.... This would have been perfect! Look closely at the hanger! Any idea where future brides could find one of these??

photography credit: Megan W Photography

*****thanks to Stephanie...from "I do" at the Zoo! & Laura K from With this ring, I thee Blog. You can purchase one over at Etsy! *****

Shop, LilaFrances; click Here to go directly to the site to snatch up one for yourself or a bride to be!

Click here to see a picture of Stephanie's!

Thank you to Stephanie & Laura K!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!!

Aren't they adorable?

photo credit:

Anybody going to have a white Christmas?!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Arizona Get-Away Part 2

On Sunday we checked out of the amazing hotel...and headed off to Frank Lloyd Wright's House! The grounds were absolutely beautiful! Mr. Wright is an amazing architect who was definitely given a gift. If you are ever able to see one of his will not be disappointed! Here are a couple of pictures! It was a gorgeous day!

Look at those blue skies!

How would you like to wake up to this view?!

I was obsessed with the cactus!

I totally recommend taking a trip to Scottsdale Arizona!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Arizona Get-Away! Part 1

Our quick weekend get-away flew by but was a lot fun! We definitely want to head back again! Our resort was ahh-mazing! I recommend it to everyone!! There was actually a wedding being held that weekend and it was gorgeous! Here are a couple of snap shots from our weekend!

First, our resort!

If you look straight center...there is a fireplace..and we sat there one romantic...relaxing!!

Golf courses everywhere! The mountains were beautiful...

This is the 2nd building of the resort that has most of the ballrooms...The decorations for the Holidays were fabulous!

Here I am! What a gorgeous view...area...Look at that fire pit! Also, do you see the bagpipe player off to the left? He was playing Christmas was actually very romantic!

Inside was just as breathtaking as the outside...

This was the shopping area down the road...Lets just say I had too much fun shopping and I need to get back to working :) Look at those palm trees!!

Next up...Part two!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Invitations

So, I have narrowed down to three choices! Help me decide!!! Please click on over to the voting poll and let me know what you think.

The first one is fun...and I love how the girl is holding a martini! This invite is from Swoozies.

Love the colors...simple yet fun!

I have decided to go with different shades of pink and tan as my "theme" hence why this one stuck right out!

Invites from Ink Obsession Designs

***Also, a huge thank you to those who left me comments on Arizona! We are very excited for our quick get-away!***

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick Getaway!

For the past month Husband has been working insane hours! We only get to see each other 1-2 days at a time...then he is gone... He works about 2 hours north..and lives with other guys in the same situation. I knew his work was going to become demanding but I didn't realize it would be this hard! For example, he came home yesterday morning...and left this morning... it gets old so fast!

So, when my co-worker offered us two nights free at The Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale, Arizona! How could I say no? So, next weekend we will be having a quick get-away! I will have my Husband all to myself for more than 24hours!

When she sent me the link to the condo..I couldn't believe my eyes. It looks amazing! We have never traveled to Arizona and are excited to explore! We are extremely blessed to have been given this gift. The timing is perfect.

Has anyone been to Phoenix or Scottsdale? We would like to find some good restaurants and things to do!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Miracle...

Tonight I went to visit some friends who just had their first baby!!! Baby A is only a couple of weeks old! He is soo tiny and absolutely adorable. Words can not explain the change/transition I witnessed tonight when I saw my Friends hold their baby...It was like they were in a trance...a baby trance :)

Congratulations to Gina and Luca!

I loved his tiny feet!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, I found another store that I am absolutely in love with! Swoozies! I have never heard of it.... I casually went in one day and came out with tons of purchases!! It is an adorable gift shop with tons of gift ideas, stationary and party picks! It is one of those shops that you can count on coming out with at least something!!

While I was there I snatched a couple cute koozies! They had all different sayings..."Gorgeous" was my other favorite! These would be cute bridesmaid gifts!

While I was there I put in for a drawing....and yesterday I ended up being the lucky winner! So a couple of my friends will be heading over there with major discounts and Swoozies will be providing champagne! We get a private shopping session! Just in time for Christmas!

This would definitely be the perfect store to snatch up some gifts for your bridal party! Click HERE to check out the wedding section!

Christmas is only 16 days away!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Love!

So, when my Parents were in town last weekend...they had their own photo session with Jordana from Hazelnut Photography! I couldn't be happier with the sneak peak pictures she posted tonight! I immediately called my Parents and made them hit the keyboard!

My Parents are absolutely adorable!

My Parents did a lot of was cute :) We took my Father shopping for the shoot...he looked soo good!

Yes, I brought two glasses and a bottle of wine...You could call them wine connoisseurs.... Not only good props... it helped them relax... ;)

Jordana even took this amazing shot of my Little Man!!!!! Oh this is definitely another framer!

Photography Credit: Hazelnut Photography

Friends..fellow bloggers...I highly suggest you get your Parents on the bandwagon of amazing is something you will cherish forever..During the session, I caught myself in tears a couple of times...I love them so much and wished we lived closer to each other.

Click here to see more pictures from their shoot!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Is anyone else up on the new trend of Pandora? That is Pandora Jewerly?! Last year for my birthday my family gave me a Pandora bracelet with a couple of charms. I wasn't necessarily in love with it at first but after this year of collecting charms....I'm loving it more!

What I love about the Pandora charm bracelet is that you can make it anyway which way. The charms range from $25-a couple hundred dollars. My parents purchased me a wedding cake as a symbol of our wedding and my Husband comes home every now and then with a charm...which always makes me melt :) So over the past year I have come to collect several charms.

Yes, since I love purple...I kinda went with that theme :) Oh, and if you do plan on getting one of these bracelets I totally recommend purchases a safety chain. Once your bracelet is full of charms you can only imagine how much your bracelet is worth. The safety chain is only $25.00!

Below is a picture of one of my most special ice cream cone! Represents Penn State's Creamery Ice Cream! Yes, now many other jewerly stores are selling charms that fit on the Pandora bracelet. You can also see a good idea of what the safety chain looks like.

Anyone else collecting Pandora Charms?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Ramblings!

5 Random Ramblings...

1. I just could make up my far we have 3 different Christmas card designs!

2. Kingston
decided to climb the stairs...never before have we witnessed this...we figured the steps were too slippery for him..and since he had his hip surgery..we never pushed him to do it..So, today I was in the kitchen and looked over...Kingston was watching me cook! Random!!

3. I finished decorating our fireplace wall. YAY! I love it!! Now, the rest of the white walls to tackle! oh and yes, I finally found a "D" for Darin's stocking!

4. New Moon soundtrack...Not sure if Id buy it again! It is "okay," and its better now since I saw the movie. But over all...I am very disappointed. The first Twilight Soundtrack was way better!

5. I just received another book I made using Blurb! It is a collection of our TTD or Forever After shoot! It turned out soo cute! I plan on doing one for our rehearsal/bridal shower pictures too! Oh and right now, receive FREE shipping on your next Blurb book using promo code: BLURBSHIP.

Okay, enough randomness for one day!

Father & Daughter

A friend of mine who was at the wedding captured this shot. My jaw dropped...What an amazing shot of my Father and I dancing! Well, especially my Father! I love it!!

photo credit: Essential Sunshine Photography

This is definitely a framer! Thanks Samantha & Ben!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Parental Visit!

Parents arrived Thursday for their visit to LA! We went out to dinner for Thanksgiving (which was delicious) and on Friday headed up to Simi Valley to visit the Reagan Library. We we there about five years ago and this year they have an Air Force One (the one President Reagan used) on display. It was amazing to walk inside and check everything out!

We went thru the Christmas Trees from around the world exhibit. Pretty neat!

We also did a little shopping and napping :) On Sunday, my parents had their photo shoot! It was sooo adorable to watch! I am anxious ..okay..SUPER anxious to see the sneak peaks from Hazelnut's blog! Here are a couple pictures of behind the scenes.

Kingston had front row seats...

We decorated the tree!

My amazing Parents brought out this special ornament for us! We just LOVE it!!

The weekend flew by...and I loved having my Parents with me. It was so hard to drop them off at the airport this morning. I won't be seeing them till January...but on a positive note! We had a great weekend and family is so important!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year things will be different...Today the parents are flying out to see us for Thanksgiving and we are so excited! Yes, it will be a different...not being back in PA with family...but I guess it is time for something different. So this year.... Thanksgiving will be in Redondo Beach!

I am so thankful for all of my amazing blogger friends! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Little More Rob!

I finally went to see New Moon last night and it was really good! There were tons of cheesy moments but I didn't care! I'm all ready to head back for another showing!

I was definitely intrigued by the previews of Rob Pattison's new movie coming out, Remember Me. Which is to come out in February! It will be awesome to see Rob finally play a different role! Not that I am complaining...but I will definitely be at the theaters!

Oh, and Eclipse is coming out June 30th!!! I'm so glad we do not have to wait till November again :) YAY!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Season!

As I was walking into Home Depot to pick out our official first Christmas hit me... This is our FIRST Christmas together as a married couple! Since we will not be flying home for the holidays we needed to decorate our apartment! This will be our Christmas this year! We get to pick out the tree... We get to pick out our ornaments.... We get to decorate our tree the way we want to... It is a lot of "firsts."

Since we live in LA, a fresh cut tree is out of question..too expensive! So, we went with an artificial tall slender tree! It was odd at first putting it together..but we are really happy with the results! Here are some pictures from our evening!

Kingston loves his new Christmas stocking! No, Little Man, those are not real bones!

We have a we purchased two stocking holders...they were 50% off at Michaels! The green stockings are from Target. The green matches perfect!

Target had a little bling to add...of course I couldn't say no!

Popped some pictures into the stocking holder frames! This picture was taken after our appointment with the florist!

The tree looked silly...then after some time..(I couldn't' believe how long it took) it started to look like a real tree.. Still had some work to do with positioning the branches....I love the height of the tree!

Throwing on some lights! We got the LED lights..They are a bit bigger..and brighter! Plus they are energy efficient! 9.99 for a box...but worth it. You can kinda see the tree skirt..that was also purchased at Target. Simple light brown with white snowflakes.

We plan on decorating the tree this weekend when my parents fly into town. At least I will be able to continue this tradition with my family!

So, who-else is having their First Christmas this year?!