Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Love!

So, when my Parents were in town last weekend...they had their own photo session with Jordana from Hazelnut Photography! I couldn't be happier with the sneak peak pictures she posted tonight! I immediately called my Parents and made them hit the keyboard!

My Parents are absolutely adorable!

My Parents did a lot of was cute :) We took my Father shopping for the shoot...he looked soo good!

Yes, I brought two glasses and a bottle of wine...You could call them wine connoisseurs.... Not only good props... it helped them relax... ;)

Jordana even took this amazing shot of my Little Man!!!!! Oh this is definitely another framer!

Photography Credit: Hazelnut Photography

Friends..fellow bloggers...I highly suggest you get your Parents on the bandwagon of amazing is something you will cherish forever..During the session, I caught myself in tears a couple of times...I love them so much and wished we lived closer to each other.

Click here to see more pictures from their shoot!


Melissa said...

Very sweet pictures of your parents! What a great idea!

Jenny.Lee said...

Aww soo sweet!

{ Joy } said...

that's SO CUTE! :)

Adrienne said...

How cute!!! You are so very lucky to have such adorable parents. You can see the love in those pictures! :)