Monday, December 21, 2009

Arizona Get-Away! Part 1

Our quick weekend get-away flew by but was a lot fun! We definitely want to head back again! Our resort was ahh-mazing! I recommend it to everyone!! There was actually a wedding being held that weekend and it was gorgeous! Here are a couple of snap shots from our weekend!

First, our resort!

If you look straight center...there is a fireplace..and we sat there one romantic...relaxing!!

Golf courses everywhere! The mountains were beautiful...

This is the 2nd building of the resort that has most of the ballrooms...The decorations for the Holidays were fabulous!

Here I am! What a gorgeous view...area...Look at that fire pit! Also, do you see the bagpipe player off to the left? He was playing Christmas was actually very romantic!

Inside was just as breathtaking as the outside...

This was the shopping area down the road...Lets just say I had too much fun shopping and I need to get back to working :) Look at those palm trees!!

Next up...Part two!


miss2misses said...

wow! that place looks amazing :)

Newlywed Next Door said...

I love that you stayed here too! Small world! :)