Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY- Wedding Ornament

This is a DIY that I have been wanting to create since we tied the knot! Yes, its been over three years! I just couldn't part with our left over wedding the other day I pulled them out of hiding and got to work. I found this idea over on weddingbee. Here is the post I did a few year ago! Wow..haven't been over there in a long time!

Here is the finished product! I want to say it looks better in person!! It will look even better on our Christmas tree this year!!!

First cut your invitation into strips. Then roll them up somewhat tight..I used a piece of tape to secure them. I also let them sit for a day prior to placing them in the glass ornament just incase the tape gave way.. It did happen quite a bit!

I won't lie..this project took me a while to complete! It also depends on the size of ornament. Or you could just place the strips inside the ornament.(see below) It takes like no time at all to complete. I think it also depends on colors of your invitation. If you have a very colorful invite it would look great. Since a huge part of my invite is white I had to really try to keep the green showing as much as possible. 

 Soon as we put up our Christmas tree I will snap some pictures of them! We have one of our invitations framed and I love looking at it..but now I get to use them again. It is such a great way to use your left over invites..and have such a meaningful ornament. 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank You - Free!!

Click on over to snatch up 10 FREE Thank You cards from Tiny Prints!! 

These are just a few of  my favorites!

Ends September 19th!!! Code: FREETHANKS
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just an Idea!

Soon as I saw this clever and inspiring idea over at Homestead Survival I had to share.

We tend to focus on the negative...and totally forget all the wonderful and positive moments in our lives...  How about we start with an empty jar and throughout the year write down those "positive" moments... they can be big and small :) 

So much can happen in your first year of marriage!!

Then, on New Years eve or your anniversary... sit down and reminisce all those "positives" and good times!

Remember..involve your partner, fiance, spouse and even children!

For more inspiring ideas click on over to Homestead Survival

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TomKat Studio & Three Bird Nest discount!

Over at Three Bird Nest, they are offering a 20% off discount to Tom Kat Studio fans! First off, if you haven't visited TomKat Studio's webpage, please do :) You will not be disappointed. If you are in need of a little inspiration for your next party..look no further! 

Then, click on over to Three Bird Nest and take a gander at all their beautiful items. From hats, jewelry and headbands to cutest leg warmers!

All items are handmade and can be found on their etsy site, Three Bird Nest!
Want the discount code? All details on obtaining the discount code can be found on TomKats Studio facebook page! Happy shopping friends :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cupcake Love

Came across these prints..and had to share!

Want this adorable Cupcake Love print? 
Head on over to Domestic Stories Shop and snatch one up!

Right now they are having a sale on prints Click here :)

I really love their work..originality!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unique & Modern Topper!

As in cake topper!

Loving this fresh look! Better Off Wed has a nice collection of different styles to choose from. Click on over HERE to their Etsy page to see tons more!

Prices range from 25-79$ depending on size and style.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Delicious Red!

I'm seriously drooling over this Vera Wang gown....

Click on over to Wedding Chicks to see more from the Spring 2013 Bridal Collection!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Love Cake?

Saw this and had to share!!!
It says.. "Welcome Spring, bring on Summer!"

When we lived in California, I hit up most of the famous bakeries.. One of those places was the Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica...  I ordered a birthday cake for my Hubby one year and it turned out ahhhmazing! Worth every penny...   So, naturally I follow their work...and when I saw this... My eyes lit up! 

Needing some inspiration? 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taking A Pause...

As many of you know, we are expecting our first child! So, I am not sure how much attention and love I can give to my East Coast Wedding readers! I will do my very best!

Here are a few of our maternity pictures taken back in mid the talented Swoon Over It Photography. They do amazing work...Live in the Philadelphia area? Look them up for your wedding!!! Trust won't be disappointed!

 Click HERE to see some of their recent work at a gorgeous NY Garden Wedding!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rustic Details!

In need of inspiration today?

A cake stand from Whippoorwheel 

 Burlap table runners- YourDivineAffair

Centerpiece or bridal party LOVE bins- Hoganfe

Card Box- Bragginbags

Table Numbers- Homen Stead

Birch & Moss Flower girl basket- NHWoodsCreations

Burlap Mr & Mrs chair signs- Scooters Crafts

Click over here to see some of my favorite rustic weddings!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wedding Divas Discount!

Married? New Pad?

Enjoy 30% off across the site! 

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 Free shipping code: FSALL

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Sweet Giveaway!

Hurry on over and enter to win ANYTHING from her lovely shop!

Table runners, gift tags, banners to wedding programs!

The giveaway ends February 27th !
Click HERE to enter :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Silhouette Monogram!

I truly adore the silhouette!

Picture from Wedding Chicks

So, click on over to Wedding Chicks to download and create your own silhouette monogram!!!
There are over 21 beautiful colors to choose from!

We love Free!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bridal Show Tips!

It's that time of year again! 
Getting hitched in the Central Pa area?

The annual Antique Auto Museum in Hershey PA is right around the corner! 

February 19th
Ticket: $7 Advanced,   $10 at the door

Click HERE to be taken directly to the large listing of amazing vendors!

They will be hosting the annual cake dive, where one lucky bride to be will win a package worth over $10,000! 

Something that caught my eye.... 
One other lucky bride to be will go home with a Louis Vuitton bag!

This alone would make me go!!! 

Why should you go to a bridal show? Some questions I had going forward with planning my own wedding!

They can be so overwhelming and busy! Where do I start?
YES they can! But, remember go in with a plan. Do some research before hand on the vendors and prioritize! Which type of service do you need the most? Catering? Photography? You will be able to compare prices & services all in on day!

Who should I take with me?
First, If you are the major decision maker, bring someone you trust, for a different perspective. I recommend something who is also easy going and doesn't mind being your side kick for the day! Also- who will keep you on track checking off that check list! Oh, and take a camera, pen & paper.

How long do these shows last?
Depending on the show, it could be a couple hours to a full out weekend! So, remember look cute but wear something comfortable! Maybe those heels can should stay in the closet!

Should I sign a contract?
I personally wouldn't. Go home and look over everything! Make an appointment with that specific vendor so you can all sit down and feel confident when signing that paper.  Remember, this is your BIG day and do your research on that vendor.  If there is a specific vendor you know you want for your big day, I assume you already called them and signed the line :)  Many of the vendors do offer "show specials." BUT make sure you are 100% sure!

Most importantly...put your name in for the free drawings for goodness sake & have FUN!

Monday, January 23, 2012

National Moment of Chill


Do something for YOURSELF today!

My favorite...

Calm & Happy Commute

(We spend tons of hours in our cars!)

Place a few drops of grapefruit, sweet orange & lime on your car's floor mats or plug in an Aura Cacia car diffuser to transform your commute from blah to blissful.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Unique Groom Gifts

I have been coming across some unique gifts lately that would make the perfect gift for your Groom! Most of these items are priced under $100!

My top 5 gifts!

1. Atari Arcade for the IPad- I loved playing Atari games...this was before the Nintendo! So, depending on the age of your Groom, he may not have even heard of it! :) But if he did have one growing up, this will definitely take him down memory lane!  I mean, look at that joy stick!!

Pros- Only costs around $60
Cons- Must have an IPad

2. College Steak Branding- If your Groom is anything like mine, he loves a good steak and his college! Heck, it may even encourage him to grill more! They even create custom designs!

Pros-custom branding irons are 100% Made In The USA, in Kansas City, MO.
Cons- can't find one!

3. Ugg "Ascot" Slippers- You can find this comfy pair over at Nordstroms! This gift would be perfect for a fall wedding gift! Something for your Groom to cozy into in the evenings while you snuggle up together on the couch for the first time as Husband & Wife!!

Pros-SUPER comfy! Probably something your Groom wouldn't even consider getting for himself!
Cons-Pricey $100, especially if you are on a budge and/or wanted to get him something else! Besides that, you can't go wrong...

4. Lomokino Movie Camera- Is your Groom into photography/movie making? Throw in some vintage feel and you got yourself one of these! It shoots short movies. Click on over to learn more..cause there is!!

Pros-This camera won't break the bank! $78 Create movies together!
Cons- Works with 35mm film, so yes,  you must wait for it to get developed.. It's been a while since we all had to do that...  But the reviews says its worth it!

5. Ray-Ban Sunglasses- These are definitely trending.. Perfect for your honeymoon! 

Pros-Come in a variety of colors! The price ranges from $100-170. Choose which fits your budget.
Cons- Make sure your Groom can pull off this look, not everyone can!

I know when I was searching for a Grooms Gift, it just wasn't easy! 
Then, I took the plunge and made him a boudoir book.  Ladies-it was definitely an experience of a lifetime :)  If this isn't up your alley, hopefully one of these ideas have helped you out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Dress Trend!

One of my favorite trends for 2012 is the two tiered dress!

I am in LOVE with the designer Christos! Click Here to find a boutique near you!

For the Bride who would like to hide their hips, this dress may just do the trick!

Oh, I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us this year!! 

Congratulations to all the 2012 Brides!!