Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bridal Show Tips!

It's that time of year again! 
Getting hitched in the Central Pa area?

The annual Antique Auto Museum in Hershey PA is right around the corner! 

February 19th
Ticket: $7 Advanced,   $10 at the door

Click HERE to be taken directly to the large listing of amazing vendors!

They will be hosting the annual cake dive, where one lucky bride to be will win a package worth over $10,000! 

Something that caught my eye.... 
One other lucky bride to be will go home with a Louis Vuitton bag!

This alone would make me go!!! 

Why should you go to a bridal show? Some questions I had going forward with planning my own wedding!

They can be so overwhelming and busy! Where do I start?
YES they can! But, remember go in with a plan. Do some research before hand on the vendors and prioritize! Which type of service do you need the most? Catering? Photography? You will be able to compare prices & services all in on day!

Who should I take with me?
First, If you are the major decision maker, bring someone you trust, for a different perspective. I recommend something who is also easy going and doesn't mind being your side kick for the day! Also- who will keep you on track checking off that check list! Oh, and take a camera, pen & paper.

How long do these shows last?
Depending on the show, it could be a couple hours to a full out weekend! So, remember look cute but wear something comfortable! Maybe those heels can should stay in the closet!

Should I sign a contract?
I personally wouldn't. Go home and look over everything! Make an appointment with that specific vendor so you can all sit down and feel confident when signing that paper.  Remember, this is your BIG day and do your research on that vendor.  If there is a specific vendor you know you want for your big day, I assume you already called them and signed the line :)  Many of the vendors do offer "show specials." BUT make sure you are 100% sure!

Most importantly...put your name in for the free drawings for goodness sake & have FUN!

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