Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Family Wedding :)

My cousin had her wedding last fall and I couldn't help but scout out every little detail! She did a lot herself with the help of her family and saved a ton on money. I must say...she has a very TALENTED family! I'm hoping over the summer when I'm back east she can help me make my own invitations! The colors of a Fall Wedding are gorgeous! Browns, Oranges, Reds, Coppers, Greens...etc. We had a blast at their wedding and I don't think we stopped dancing till the Dj left! Oh and the caramel apples were delicious!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's those little touches that make a party..or a wedding:) Some of the little extra details that I did come across, cost way to much to call "little." Though, I did find some that I could do myself or wouldn't cost much. I always imagined walking up the aisle with my groom with petals in the air. Especially if we are able to have our ceremony outside! Let me know what you think or any details you added to your wedding! I found these photos off theknot.com!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Engagement Shots

So, Last Sunday we headed down to Manhattan Beach for our photo shoot! Okay, it was so windy near the pier! My hair was in every direction and I was getting very worried! We found Dustin Snipes who had some amazing work on his webpage. He was a trooper with us and the wind! We even had Kingston in a few of the shots! We are hoping to get a few good shots from our windy day! If we were getting married out here I would definately hire him. Hopefully he will get back to us soon to preview all the proofs :) I can't remember a time that Darin and I had so much fun running on the beach with our jeans on and getting wet by the cold ocean water! I could have had our pictures taken all day..but Darin kindly reminded me he charges by the hour :) So go ahead and check his webpage out! www.sightphotography.com

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


How can we forget the groomsmen? Don't worry boys we are not using black tux's. That would be to formal for our shindig. Though, you all look so handsome all done up! I know we are thinking about a bright tie to coordinate with the BMs. When I suggested a bright pink tie Darin's eyes got big and a simple "umm...i'll think about it," was what I got! Okay, maybe not bright pink! Maybe bright green! haha.. I totally love the light suit option or the khaki pants with a navy blue blazer. We will see! But here are some pictures that I am currently loving. As my BM's know already about me.. I change my mind at least 10 times a day... but hey, its all fun :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boulder Ridge Venue

The venue is set aside from the rest of the resort..It is extremely private with tons of trees and natural beauty. The building has a wrap around deck with amazing views. You follow the cobblestone path to the small gazebo where the ceremony will be held. Yes, I will have to walk down the stairs...and down the stone path to reach my groom. Thats another blog for another day. That FEAR..of walking down the aisle! tripping...etc.. The venue holds up to 200 people comfortably. I believe our goal is 150 guests! So, don't worry there will be plenty of dancing space Stefan Family!

Inside is absolutely gorgeous! Tons of windows allowing natural light to come in and it gives such an open feeling. There is a huge fireplace which will be fun and challenging to decorate and incorporating a romatic touch. It is definately a unique venue and I am so glad we found it!

Another great advantage to this venue is there is absolutely NO travel between ceremony and reception. We want our guests to have a fabulous time and not to worry about driving! After the ceremony they will walk back over to the Ridge for cocktail hour.

thats it for now... xoxo


Well, if you haven't guessed..our colors are Pink & Green! Are colors that important? ummm YES! it sets the tone for the whole day! Regardless of where we get hitched... this is it! These are some of the dresses I have looked at for the bridesmaids... You will have to come to our wedding to see what we pick :) There are soo many different bridesmaid dresses out there these days. For some reason I am totally against those large bridal chain stores! They all look the same!

Welcome Nicole

So, this is my first official blog posting...wow..this is scary! Now everyone is going to be able to read my thoughts....obsessions and excitement about the big day! First off...we are having a horrible time figuring out..if an east coast wedding is what we want! Some friends/family threw out the idea of a destination wedding and bam...off went the confusion...double guessing..second thoughts... ahh...what do we want? $$ is always going to be an issue.. always.. but a destination wedding does have its pros and cons... so does a traditional wedding.

Anywho- currently we are signed with Ski Liberty Resort & I totally love the place! Boulder Ridge. When we were home a couple weeks ago we went for a tasting & visit! I fell in love with the place again. It's the perfect place for a elegant...classy..yet peaceful place to marry your best friend. May 30, 2009! xoxo