Thursday, April 24, 2008

Engagement Shots

So, Last Sunday we headed down to Manhattan Beach for our photo shoot! Okay, it was so windy near the pier! My hair was in every direction and I was getting very worried! We found Dustin Snipes who had some amazing work on his webpage. He was a trooper with us and the wind! We even had Kingston in a few of the shots! We are hoping to get a few good shots from our windy day! If we were getting married out here I would definately hire him. Hopefully he will get back to us soon to preview all the proofs :) I can't remember a time that Darin and I had so much fun running on the beach with our jeans on and getting wet by the cold ocean water! I could have had our pictures taken all day..but Darin kindly reminded me he charges by the hour :) So go ahead and check his webpage out!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Your pics are amazing! I just found your blog today. Love the profile pic of you and your yorkie!:)