Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

Another year down....and a lot has happend this past year...moving to Los Angeles is obviously the biggest event that occured for me! As I look forward to 2009...excitement, adventure, challenges...are just some of the words that come to mind... My one and only resolution is to find a job that I enjoy and feel like I am making a difference in someones' life. Even if it takes me 5 years..I will find it!

Photo by Countdown Entertainment LLC

A couple of our friends from LA flew back east for the holidays as well.. Some are even in NYC!! I have never been up in NYC during New Years but I'm sure it is one heck of a time!!

It is hard to blog while a way at my parents! But I had to add something!!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years!! Welcome 2009!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Birds

Since starting my journey of wedding planning...My inspirations have changed a couple of times but my love for the birds hasn't. I've come across cute bird details...cakes...decor! Then I came across these cuties! They are made by the talented Ann Wood.

I've sent her an email requesting an order! Hopefully I can snatch myself a couple!! Lastly, I had to show everyone my favorite bird of the bunch!!!

Photo Credit: Ann Wood Handmade

I am flying back to the east coast tonight and wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday!!! 5 months till we tie the knot!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunny Days

I love Jennifer Skog's work and view it frequently...the photos she captured at Irene and Stew's wedding were gorgeous. I just hope...pray...we have a sunny day like they did! Our venue is centered around tall trees in Gettysburg word comes to mind when I describe Boulder Ridge...Nature...

Jennifer Skog Photography

Jennifer Skog Photography

Our ceremony will be held outside...I love these parasols..tan color..goes perfectly with the setting.

I hope we can capture a private moment like this! Fun...playful...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bridal Buds

I came across a new and growing wedding website called Bridal Buds! Take a peek!

I came across this invite a long time ago and fell hard! I am currently hooked on the birds theme!!! Teresa, my friend who is creating my invitations is currently working on my design and I am dying to see what she has come up with :)

photo credit: Unknown

Trash It!

Ever since I learned about "Trash the Dress" photography..I have definitely been intrigued by the whole idea. From what I have read...seen..Many couples do this session the day after their wedding. Since we will be getting married back east in the mountains..I figured that would be a lot of fun...taking shots by the creeks..etc...Then I found these lovey shots by Amy Carroll. The beach would be a fabolous setting! So...I'm currently thinking we should just wait and find the perfect spot! Lets not rush anything :) This looks like so much fun!!!

Photo Credit: Amy Carroll

I was just thinking how nice it would be to create a blurb book with our "trash" shots!

Are you thinking about getting down and dirty?!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Part Two..Zap Zap Zap!

I want to share a little about Laser Genesis Skin Resurfacing. Last week I had my first appointment with Cecelia. I was informed it wasn't as painful as the laser hair removal session but I must disagree. It was VERY painful!! She told me it was due to my "thin skin." I am not very educated when it comes to skin care...etc.. I use Clarins lotion..face wash and that is about it! Since this past summer, I have had a couple facials but they do not help out with my "collagen." As I was informed!

So, back to Genesis--it basically stimulates collagen regrowth. It helps with scars, redness, uneven skin textures and wrinkles! I have those lines between my eyes...around my eyes...ahh..and I'm only 27!! It also assists with large pores...the pain intensifies when it "zaps" around the larger pores or lines. The cost is slightly less then laser hair removal. The spa I'm currently going to has a special going on right now for 5 treatments for $450.00. They recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks for the first couple months. She recommended for me to follow up 1 treatment per month..then every other month. Even though it was very painful I feel this is more beneficial at this time versus the hair removal. My skin is getting hair will always be there! Plus..who is honestly going to notice I had laser hair removal!! Hopefully the photographs will show my gorgeous skin!

Now..if I could only get the groom to participate in the "facial" department :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Beauty Pain

Is anyone doing anything special to get your skin looking beautiful for your big day? For the past few weeks I have dabbled into the world of 'laser." There is a new aesthetic spa which opened in Hermosa Beach a little while ago, "Contour Aesthetic Spa" and they were selling spa promotions to get new clients to visit and try different services. So, I figured I would give it a try and test out everything. If you live in the LA or OC area click here to find spa promotions located near you! Let me share my experiences with all of you!

The first treatment that I had was
Laser Hair Removal. I decided to attempt the bikini area. When I scheduled the appointment the receptionist was 100% honest with me and said it will hurt. I was like...really?! So, I signed up for the numbing cream (IS A MUST). I arrived 30 minutes early to my appointment and threw on the cream. No numbness....15 minutes later no numbness....another 15 minutes later no numbness... at this point I was a little worried. Cecelia came in (who I totally loved) got me ready to go! She did some test spots and it didn't hurt that a rubber band snapping on your skin. Okay..lets go! Within 30 seconds of her starting I thought I was literally going to shed some tears! "Maybe we should have left the cream on longer," she said... After 5 minutes we were done. Yes, it was quick but extremely painful. "how much longer" I would say! She placed a cold washcloth on me and it gave me relief! By the time I was dressed and at the desk the pain was gone. The cost would be about 500.00 for 5 sessions which would be the amount of times I would need to go to have all the hair removed. You schedule appointments apart about 6 weeks. Now that it has been 2 weeks..I am able to reflect on the whole experience...I don't think I am willing to shed that much money right now for that amount of pain. Pros: No more shaving..waxing...GONE! Cons: 5 -10 minutes of suffering each visit and expensive, Long term commitment (several months) and can not be in direct sun.

Don't let that smile fool you! ouch ouch ouch! :)
Stay tuned...up next I will share my experience of Laser Genesis Skin Resurfacing.

I Fell In LOVE!

Yesterday, the Fiance and I drove down to OC to go shopping for Christmas! I had only one goal in mind..which were to locate my CHANEL earrings! For the past 2 years, he has waited till the last minute to purchase them for me and of course they were always sold out! You may have seen them before, they are very popular! Two tiny C's! Well, to my luck they were not sold out and I was happy!! Merry Christmas!! As the salesperson was ringing up the purchase I was walking around and looking at all the gorgeous purses...and other jewelry... I came across a pair of earrings that caught my eye. Of course I had to try them on...It didn't matter how much they were.. I had to see what they looked like on... I fell hard and new they would look perfect with my dress...Well everyone, here are my bridal earrings! It was definitely love at first sight!

I just couldn't get a nice picture of them upclose.. I need a new camera! But ignore the terrible pic of me..and just focus on the earring! Click the pic to enlarge. They have such a vintage feel and look perfect with my dress! Plus, they are a limited edition. Which 10-15 years they will go up in value! What a unique piece of jewerly to keep in the family. Hopefully my daughter will wear these in her wedding. Thank you Mom for contributing to these lovely earrings! {still beaming!!}

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bridesmaid Dresses

A while back I had fallen in love with ARIA dresses and posted this about them. Yes, they were about 200.00 each plus shipping..but I was prepared to help out my BMs.. Then, I learned that having 1 bridesmaid pregnant (due Dec 23rd) and another bridesmaid just getting her body back to where she likes it...was a huge problem... Especially when orders have to be in at a certain time. So, after perusing .... searching... I found THE dress and all 3 BMs are much happier... problem solved!! BUT!! I still heart my ARIA dresses...

May I present you the bridesmaid dress! THANK YOU JCREW!!

photo credit: JCrew

I am having the girls wear their own black simple shoes...and I will be providing the jewelry! Currently, I am thinking about Bells of Ireland for the ladies! Nothing is set in stone yet. As I had stated in a previous post..I met with our florists and received some good looking quotes...but I'm just not set on anything yet!

photo credit: unknown

But, then I came across this bouquet and now I'm not sure! These are two completely different styles!

I think at some point us brides need to just make a decision and then refrain from searching...seeking...other styles and ideas! Should I go with something different..for the BMs and I stay traditional? We will see!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Gifts

I want to have a little "Thank You" for all our guests who stay over night at the resort. I first fell in love with these "Gable" boxes. They are simple and cute. I was thinking of using the "tan" color and attaching our monogram on the side.

photo: unknown

Then..last week..back in PA...we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to peruse..and I found these PennState tote bags. It also promotes recycling! Which is always a good thing :) I would have to assume that most of our guests are either PSU Alumni or fans! The prices for these bags come to about 2.10 each..& there is a higher chance our guests will reuse these again versus the gable boxes.

What do we put in them? Well..I definitely want bottle water and pretzels! Since we are from Hershey...where the best chocolate is made..we will throw some of that in too! Hmm..which one to go with?! What did you use? Any suggestions?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

Last Tuesday, the FMIL drove down with us to Gettysburg to scope out a place for the rehearsal dinner. Our first stop was the Fairfield Inn. We each ordered a different plate to taste everything! Prices were decent and the amount food given was definitely not stingy! We were all stuffed by the end of the meals. The owner stopped by and gave us information on the Inn. There is a self-guided tour of the Civil War building. They just celebrated their 250th year celebration. 1757-2007! There are a couple different rooms for dining. The pictures below is the courtyard room which I hope we will be able to have it's nice size and decor...very warm feeling! Original fireplaces too!

In this the brick area..guests would place coins inbetween the brick for good luck...just like the "wishing well." The Inn had so much character..and history... Upstairs, in the self guided tour..they showed where the slaves would hide out...and try to escape. Also, President Eisenhower stayed here and had many dinners... infact they named a room after him in the Inn. The picture below is the Eisenhower room. Yet, it is very beautiful and afraid of attempting 30 + people in here! Every room has its own distinct characteristics!

photo credit, The Fairfield Inn

After our visit here..and seeing the expression on the FMILs face..I pretty much figured the dinner will be here... We did go see the Gettysburg Hotel..but they were just conference room..nothing special...plain..and I don't want to decorate the whole room! Both of our families are very into history...and this just feels right!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back in PA...for a little!

I must apologize for my absence lately...but I really have some good reasons!! First, I was at the PennState vs Michigan State game! PSU is going to the Rose Bowl!!! 2nd, I am currently in PA visiting family and missing my lap top like crazy... I have a lot to share though... we headed down to the venue on Tuesday and located a possible place for the rehearsal dinner! I have some pictures that I can share in a later post. The food was excellent and there is a lot of history going back to the Civil War to share with all...

Today is Thanksgiving...and I definitely have a lot to be thankful for! My Family...Friends....the list goes on and on...The best part of the evening was sitting aside of my Mother and watching a little bit of Charlie Brown... I bet it was only for 15 minutes...but it made me feel like a 10 year old again! This week has flown by...Before you know it we will be back in Philly boarding the plane back to Los Angeles.. Soo..I leave you with a clip of one of my favorite memories...of my Thanksgiving evening!

Isn't it just a cute pic!!??

Coming up soon... "Rehearsal Dinner"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bridesmaid Jewerly

Ever since I started my blog...I have come across many beautiful and creative pieces from Etsy! Sometimes I feel there are too many choices...The other day I came across Natalia Raya Designs from Etsy and fell in love. Here are a couple of my favorites!

These earrings are soo cute!
Do you watch Lipstick Jungle? Well, the character Victory always wears large flower rings...and so of course when I saw this...I gravitated..

Natalia Raya Designs

Yes, this necklace is so modern and simple.

Natalia Raya Designs

My BMs will be wearing black dresses...I want the jewerly to be simple...So, as of right now I am leaning towards pearls. I have been looking everywhere! My other favorite place to shop for jewerly is from Silpada Jewerly. Want to have a nice evening with the ladies and shop jewerly?! Find a sales rep in your area and book a party! Mix up those martinis and have a good time! My friend just had another one the other week and I ordered some beautiful stuff!!! There is jewerly for all ages...and they even have some items for the boys! Take a peak! Here are some pics of my recent purchases..

I have had this necklace for a while now and I wear it a lot!

photo credit: Silpada Jewerly

My brand new ring!! I LOVE this ring!! It's great for going out at night!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good News!

I am so excited to say that I was the chosen winner from the WeddingBee contest! Penny People Designs were giving away mailing labels, notecards, and correspondence cards! Let me just say...I never win anything!! Especially something this nice and special :) Let me show off some of my beautiful stationary.

When you have a chance..take a peak at Penny People Design's site and blog!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

200 Days!

I was online and glanced at our "countdown" and OMG we have 200 days left! Where does time go? Here is a picture of us at my BM's wedding on 7/7/07!!

photo credit: Friend :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reception Attire..For the Bride!

I always thought a two dress bride was crazy...I changed my mind instantly....I found a dress from BCBG! After putting on my traditional wedding dress I realized I think I would like a shorter white dress that is easy to dance in yet lets everyone know that I am the bride!! Plus, it gives me more opportunity for photos!!! I was coming up empty handed and kinda just put it on the back burner. About 2 weeks later I went window shopping and came across BCBG Maxazria and couldn't resist checking out their new season of dresses. It was then I had a quick flash back to a General Hospital episode.

Are you a General Hospital fan? I am! Since Middle School days!! Anyways, I saw a wedding dress in one episode. Character Kate was trying on a dress and her ladies were adjusting it and adding jewerly to her..etc...and I thought to myself.."Oh my! That dress is sooo pretty!" I thought it was so modern yet had a soft touch. Well my fellow Kate was wearing a BCBG dress. The manager came over and I told her about my General Hospital dress..... "Oh, this is the dress that Kate wore!" I'm like are you serious?!!? So, I quickly made a dash for the dressing room! It fit me like a glove and it made me feel so beautiful. It actually makes me look very tall! I get to wear black heels with it too!!! I immediately called my Mother and told her all about it! I went online and pulled up the dress ...and sent her the link. I was very dissapointed with what I saw. These pictures do not show how truely beautiful it is.


When I flew home back in September I took the dress with me. When I put it on to show my parents my Mom even said how it looks 10 times better in person then online. This also goes to show...TRY ON EVERYTHING at those bridal stores...everything looks different on!

Did you have 2 dresses? How did it work out? I must say, I am in love with both!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Guest Book

I have never been a fan of the traditional guest book. It feels like you are "signing in" at a conference. Seriously...what do you do with it after the wedding? I was actually going to forget the whole tradition until I came across the Blurb Book. It is very close to the Kodak picture books that I have made in the past for family but the Blurb gives more options for a low price. We all love a low price!!

It only took me a couple of hours to do and finish. I used our engagement shots that our fab photographer took out in Manhattan Beach Ca. It was nice to be able to use these beautiful shots again in a different way. So, I used different layouts and kept specific pages blank with lines on it for our guest to leave a message. This makes it a lot more personal and I can just see it laying out on our living room coffee table for all to enjoy.

Blurb Book

Has anyone else used the blurb book? Were you happy with the results? Recommend anything?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to say...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We spent our spooky night downtown Hollywood along with thousands of others and having a fab time at Les Deux. I must say this is one of the best Halloweens I have ever had! The best part was my whistle!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tag..IM IT :)

My first official Tag :)

Jessica at
Tying the Knot tagged me to list 6 things I value and 6 things I don’t Value:
1. Darin & Kingston :) xoxo
2. Family & Friends
3. HersheyPark/Mont Alto (PSU) Memories
4. Perrier water & lime/Nonfat Misto w/ 1 pump SF Vanilla

5. Designer handbags.. (LV & Burberry!!)

Don’t Value:

1. Being 10000+ miles away from family and friends

2. Life going by too fast (esp. living 10, 000 miles away)

3. Meat on a bone...EWE

4. Airbrush designs on nails..

5. Rude..disrespectful people.

I met two new people today... So, Jessica at Atlanta Bride and Mrs. in May, You are Tagged!

Lets end this post with a beautiful sneak peak of my dress!

photo credit: ME

Monday, October 27, 2008

Father Dibble Dabbles

This past weekend I asked my Father to take a dive into a project for moi. You must understand something...My Father dibble dabbles in everything! He takes the old melted wax from church and remolds them into new candles. Cuts out wooden shapes for his Mother In-Law for her church bazaar every year. He has a little workshop in the basement where he can disappear up to several hours at a time. So, when I came across this unique idea, I had no choice but to cut/paste into an email with LOVE Nikki as the signature!

I came across these water balloon luminaries.

It came from the They give step by step instructions on how to make these gorgeous luminaries. Plus, they give pictures each step of the way. (extremely helpful) I am requesting pictures from my Father as he attempts at this project and will post as soon as possible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it comes out great! I can just picture a few of these on the fireplace mantle. During the open house at our venue, I took a couple shots of the mantle to remember how they placed several different candles on the one side. I REALLY liked it! If we can master these candles, we can add different color to the wax and create a taupe..ivory..any color we want!

photo credit: ME

So, a huge thank you goes out to my Father and...i know my Mother will assist! So..THANK YOU! My parents are extremely helpful with the wedding planning. It is very hard living on the other side of the country and wanting to dibble dabble myself :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Table Numbers

A couple more thoughts to go along with the place cards...which would be the table numbers! I have a couple ideas I would like to share. The first one is my absolute favorite due to the fact it's the most personal :) In fact, one of my BM's used this idea in her reception. They did the photos in black and white.

Photo Credit: ME

Our venue doesn't provide metal table holders but they do have small silver frames. How boring! Here is another lovely option. The birds are so adorable. You can use any type of paper for the background and color to make it your own.

Photo credit:, appologies I can not locate the exact Bee!

I think this may be my number one choice! Especially, since we will be having white flowers as the centerpieces! Using different size mason jars, vases and flowers oh my! Using house numbers play the role of table numbers. They come in the different sizes, colors, styles and they can be used again for a possible home? wink wink..

photo credit: Leigh Miller Photography

Friday, October 24, 2008

Place Cards...and More

As I am gathering information and ideas...I have come to the conclusion that having a gorgeous table like this will be completely out of the question due to the location of where this table will be positioned. There are doors positioned very close and I don't want to worry about wind..or anything! Plus there isn't a lot of room....

photo credit: The Knot

Then I came across this idea and fell hard! I could prop two of these up against the wall and put flowers/decor below. Nice and clean...looking. I call this an Escort Board! Mrs. Eggplant from Weddingbee designed a beautiful masterpiece! She gives step by step instructions to create your own.
photo credit: Mrs. Eggplant

I also read somewhere that brides use little envelopes with the full place card inside along with something else... that "else" could be information to upload personal pictures from the wedding to our WinkFlash account. I have been wondering how to tie that all together..maybe this is my answer! My board will not be this colorful! But..I do see a little bird in the corner versus a flower!

On Facebook, an old High School friend found me today and as I was perusing his "photo albums" I came across some wedding pictures! First, I couldn't believe another HS friend is married..then as I took a closer look I was inspired! Personality written all over it! Take a look at their escort board display!

All of their guests found a spot on the soft grass for the ceremony!

Have I mentioned how anxious I am to meet with Teresa over thanksgiving and get a design going?!! Oh it's Friday! Darin is home! The sun is out! I think the beach is a callin!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I received a price quote from the florist the other day..and I was happy with what I saw! My DOC agreed! Currently quoted for groom..was double white/ivory spray rose, green hypericum, lemon leaf... and Bells of Ireland for the groomsmen. Honestly, when we went to the appointment I brought pictures and ideas along but I had no clue what I REALLY wanted. It was also the last stop on our LONG day of appointments. My mind was spinning! BUT! I was able to get an idea of prices and how much flowers cost etc.. I absolutely loved Megan and we hit it off immediately. Deposit sent..and we have a florist! Here is a picture of some flowers she let me keep! The groom looks estatic! It was a loooong day! Jessica from Tying the Knot recommended to take along ribbon..color swatches to show exactly what color you are looking for!

photo credit: Mom

It has been over a month since our visit to the florist and I have continued my search of flowers. I did find some other options to consider for the groomsmen. Here is a picture of what we picked out for now..but it will be two small spray roses versus one big traditional rose plus a large lemon leaf.

This caught my eye! How simple yet elegant!

photo credit: Jonathan Canlos Photography

The ribbon caught my attention in this photo! It is a completely different look.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clean Up!

Housework...ugh! The Fiance will be the first to say how messy I am! Well, lets do some organizing! (of thoughts that is!!)

1. Including the Little Man in the wedding.- This will not be happening :( They do not allow pets in the hotel..and we don't want to worry about him! He will be safe at home with the other critters that weekend with loving people to check in on him!

2. Dance Floor- This is something my Father brought up during our September site visit. He was worried it was too small! Not everyone has to dance ontop of the floor! We can enlarge it but will be charged double. (ouch) Hmm...I will have to chat about this with my wedding planner! Or they mentioned that we don't have to have one.... I'm thinking I want one!

3. Shuttle- They offer a non-stop shuttle to and from the venue and hotel (or down the street hotels) to keep everyone safe. They will not allow any cars to stay parked at the venue overnight because it is a gated site. The costs is 45.00/hour. Hmm..times that by at least 5 hours...yikes! Hopefully everyone will just book at the ski resort. This will make things a lot easier.

4. Colors- Originally, it was pink/green..which migrated to just green/black/ivory with a damask print. Then, since the damask didn't exactly look that good at the venue I decided to pull back from the print and go with a nature theme. Here are some pictures that have inspired myself! I am still having the BM's wear black..with green flowers. ME-white flowers. Green/Black/Ivory/Dash of country blue. These invites really show the vision. I am meeting with my friend who is a graphic designer (Miss Teresa!) over Thanksgiving to discuss invitation design/theme. The invites even have a little damask design thrown in there...LOVE IT

picture credit: unknown