Saturday, October 25, 2008

Table Numbers

A couple more thoughts to go along with the place cards...which would be the table numbers! I have a couple ideas I would like to share. The first one is my absolute favorite due to the fact it's the most personal :) In fact, one of my BM's used this idea in her reception. They did the photos in black and white.

Photo Credit: ME

Our venue doesn't provide metal table holders but they do have small silver frames. How boring! Here is another lovely option. The birds are so adorable. You can use any type of paper for the background and color to make it your own.

Photo credit:, appologies I can not locate the exact Bee!

I think this may be my number one choice! Especially, since we will be having white flowers as the centerpieces! Using different size mason jars, vases and flowers oh my! Using house numbers play the role of table numbers. They come in the different sizes, colors, styles and they can be used again for a possible home? wink wink..

photo credit: Leigh Miller Photography


jessica lynn said...

our table numbers were like the first picture. We took a piece of 5x7 cardstock and glued one of our engagement pictures to one side. On the other we put another piece of card stock with "Table Number XX" Guests loved it. Even though your venue doesnt provide the silver stands, you could make a "tent" out of cardstock to have the table numbers stand on their own!

Nicole said...

ohhh good idea! Yea, its a bummer they don't provide stands...ive been posting on craigslist..if anyone has them for sale..