Friday, October 24, 2008

Place Cards...and More

As I am gathering information and ideas...I have come to the conclusion that having a gorgeous table like this will be completely out of the question due to the location of where this table will be positioned. There are doors positioned very close and I don't want to worry about wind..or anything! Plus there isn't a lot of room....

photo credit: The Knot

Then I came across this idea and fell hard! I could prop two of these up against the wall and put flowers/decor below. Nice and clean...looking. I call this an Escort Board! Mrs. Eggplant from Weddingbee designed a beautiful masterpiece! She gives step by step instructions to create your own.
photo credit: Mrs. Eggplant

I also read somewhere that brides use little envelopes with the full place card inside along with something else... that "else" could be information to upload personal pictures from the wedding to our WinkFlash account. I have been wondering how to tie that all together..maybe this is my answer! My board will not be this colorful! But..I do see a little bird in the corner versus a flower!

On Facebook, an old High School friend found me today and as I was perusing his "photo albums" I came across some wedding pictures! First, I couldn't believe another HS friend is married..then as I took a closer look I was inspired! Personality written all over it! Take a look at their escort board display!

All of their guests found a spot on the soft grass for the ceremony!

Have I mentioned how anxious I am to meet with Teresa over thanksgiving and get a design going?!! Oh it's Friday! Darin is home! The sun is out! I think the beach is a callin!

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