Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clean Up!

Housework...ugh! The Fiance will be the first to say how messy I am! Well, lets do some organizing! (of thoughts that is!!)

1. Including the Little Man in the wedding.- This will not be happening :( They do not allow pets in the hotel..and we don't want to worry about him! He will be safe at home with the other critters that weekend with loving people to check in on him!

2. Dance Floor- This is something my Father brought up during our September site visit. He was worried it was too small! Not everyone has to dance ontop of the floor! We can enlarge it but will be charged double. (ouch) Hmm...I will have to chat about this with my wedding planner! Or they mentioned that we don't have to have one.... I'm thinking I want one!

3. Shuttle- They offer a non-stop shuttle to and from the venue and hotel (or down the street hotels) to keep everyone safe. They will not allow any cars to stay parked at the venue overnight because it is a gated site. The costs is 45.00/hour. Hmm..times that by at least 5 hours...yikes! Hopefully everyone will just book at the ski resort. This will make things a lot easier.

4. Colors- Originally, it was pink/green..which migrated to just green/black/ivory with a damask print. Then, since the damask didn't exactly look that good at the venue I decided to pull back from the print and go with a nature theme. Here are some pictures that have inspired myself! I am still having the BM's wear black..with green flowers. ME-white flowers. Green/Black/Ivory/Dash of country blue. These invites really show the vision. I am meeting with my friend who is a graphic designer (Miss Teresa!) over Thanksgiving to discuss invitation design/theme. The invites even have a little damask design thrown in there...LOVE IT

picture credit: unknown

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jessica lynn said...

gorgeous color scheme! cannot wait to see what you decide on and how it all turns out!