Saturday, October 18, 2008

Name Change?!

Honestly, I am having a very difficult time with the thought of losing my last name. I have had my last name for 27 years! Its a part of me! It holds my roots...its ME! I didn't realize how emotional this would be. The Fiance is going traditional on this subject. It is definitely a touchy subject at this point. I have even asked him to consider changing his last name! Something tells me that won't be happening! :)

What part of the name change is bothering me so much? I have put tons of thought into this and I think I'm very proud of my family and the bond we have. I am proud to say I am a Stefan. Can many people say that? Yes, that was my past..this is my future with the man I love. Should I feel proud to take his name and disregard my feelings? Maybe hyphenate...but wow that would be a long name!

After perusing other blogs...I found some comfort in knowing I was not the only one who felt like this! Miss Hydrangea and Miss Cheese from the Weddingbee share the same feelings. It's like finding a support group from the local yellow pages! Does anyone have any suggestions?

I did find this website for changing your's suppose to make the process a lot easier. Well, I have about 7 months to go....7 more months to ponder... and I leave you with a gorgeous picture! Jennifer Skog is one talented photographer!


jessica lynn said...

Im having the same "issues", I dont want to change my last name!!

Maia said...

When I had the same issues years ago when I was going to be married, I mentioned my conundrum to my father. He said, "Just change it." I thought that was good advice. If you're going the traditional route of getting married, go the traditional route of changing the name. Otherwise, why not just live together if you don't want to change the name? But that is just my opinion. You obviously have to do what you want.

Anonymous said...

I had the same difficulty but at least in my situation, I got married so quickly that I couldn't really give it much thought. Just like you take a leap of faith into joining together in marriage, take a leap of faith in taking his last name. After you have the name for awhile, it will just become second nature when writing it!