Monday, October 6, 2008

Sharing Photos!

After every or gathering I am always anxious to see all the photos! A new trend is posting a picture webpage. Friends and family can go online to upload their favorites and share with everyone and vice versa. So we decided to go with WinkFlash. I guess the hardest part is trying to figure out where to share this information. Maybe I should make a card with the information and have it at each table setting? That's just something else to put on that poor table! this is something I must add to the list! A lot of my friends are starting these types of pages for their little newborns! I am very anxious to see all the random photos! Once I design the card with all the info I will definately share!

Here is a cute picture for the post! Taken yesterday at Palos Verdes, Ca!

photo credit: to ME

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