Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Long Monday!

Darin and I just arrived back from PA! It was probably the fastest 5 days in my entire life! The weather was absolutely beautiful and the fresh air cured my homesick. On Monday, Darin and I traveled down to our venue with my parents and the two little loves. (Eli & Kingston) We started very early and didn't get home till the evening. We even traveled in 2 states! On top of was my Father's birthday! So, thank you Dad for sharing your birthday with with us!

The first stop was Boulder Ridge. Jamie (wedding coordinator) was able to meet my family and see our venue for the first time! My family absolutely loved the place and that was a huge relief! We were able to get a lot of questions answered and the most memorable moment was when my Father was worried that the dance floor was too small! I mean, he was really worried! So, add that to my list! Then I pulled out my damask pattern...put it on the table...took a step back and cringed! OMG! Ugh! I kept myself together..and looked at Jamie and my Mother and said..NOPE! But, I did learn that black tablecloths are now included with the venue! So, part of me was relieved but the other part thought...I don't think I want much damask...maybe touches. Now I need to regroup and come up with another "theme."

Karen Rodney Cakes- was our 2nd stop. How can someone pick out a cake? There are soo many choices, designs, colors, shapes and heights. Darin was looking thru some pictures and immediately said he liked "this one!" So, everyone I am proud to say that Darin has chosen the wedding cake! I was completely stunned and shocked but I really like it too! My parents concurred and we were done!

Our trip continued on....will post later! I'm just exhausted revisiting that day! Here is a picture that gives you an idea of what Darin picked out!

Photo By: Daphne Borowski Photography, New York

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