Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Man!

Kingston plays a huge role in our life and we couldn't imagine our life without him! Couples are starting to incorporate their furry loved ones in the ceremony. At first I was like OMG, Kingston has to be in our cute would that be!? Then, I started to realize what a huge risk this would be! I can't even take him to PetSmart without him "marking" in the store! It is soo embarrassing...So, we aren't sure which way we will go. We could always do some wedding training! Yes my friends...I actually found a class...We also have to see if Kingston is allowed at our venue/hotel. But in the mean time, I found some adorable wedding gear for my little man! 3 different colors to choose from! I think I like the simple black bow tie.
I also found some adorable pictures of Real Weddings! 2 favs!

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