Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yep, I saw it tonight...and I am still in complete awe of it... it was the best of the three by far! I read all the books over a year ago and I forgot how much book three goes into each of the Cullen Family members a bit more...learning about who they were prior to becoming "cold ones." It had much more depth and suspense! So, to all my fellow Twilight fans...hurry and go see it cause I promise you... it won't let you down... I promise! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Cake for Each!

Each table that is!! This bride went in a completely different direction and had a small 3 tiered cake designed for each table as the centerpiece... yes, you heard me right! She went to the talented Jasmine from Couture Cakery to help her achieve her vision. The wedding was held at the Conewago Manor in Elizabethtown, PA.  Well, take a look! 

Here is a nice shot showing how the cakes were setup and incorporated!

Yes, each cake was a different design..

This is one of my favorites!

Up close shots of a couple of the cakes!

Do you see the white cake on the table below? That was for the bride & groom...over 100 tiny white sugar carnations were created for this cake! 

What a beautiful wedding and creative ideas! Click over here to see a couple more shots and details of this wedding!

Another beautiful East Coast Wedding!

Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Baack!

San Francisco was a ton of fun! It was a fun filled two day adventure..and my sore feet are living proof :) The weather started off yucky...then to beautiful!  Here are some pictures to share!!

We stayed at The Westin..Very nice..


We did all the "tourist" stuff....

Hopped a ferry over to Alcatraz..which was really interesting! The pic below shows the island behind me!

Here we go! They gave us audio headsets to follow through the cell house...educated us on lots of stuff that went on...


They had a couple of the doors slid open for us to take a peak...It was a little freaky at some points!!

 We also checked out Lombard Street!!! It was very amazing! This is us at the top..

and this is looking up from the bottom!! It was soo crazy watching the cars...

We hit up the Golden Gate Bridge...

We are about 1/2 on the was super cold :) 
We also were able to take a few minutes and relax over at the Palace of the Arts... it was beautiful!

Here is one more view of the bridge..we walked all that way...ugh! I'm still tired :) 

A long busy two days :) We are very happy to be home with our Kingston and the sunny LA skies!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gold Rush...

Before I leave for San Fran...I HAD to share this ahhh-mazing ring shot! Seriously....

Yep, another brilliant shot from my fav....Hazelnut Photography!  
I will be back next week with pcs to share from our mini get-away!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Up Up Away to San Francisco!

Remember my bucket list for California? Incase you forgot here it is...

1. Napa Valley
2. Catalina Island
3. LA Lakers Game
4. Hike up around the Hollywood sign
5. LA Zoo, Griffith Park
6. Lay out on a beach in Malibu
7. San Francisco
8. Run a 5k, 4th of July Redondo Beach
9. Stay 2 nights Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes
10. Stay 2 nights Cliffs Resort, Pismo Beach
11. Dodgers Game

 Well, this weekend we can cross off number 7!!! We are jumping on a plane to SF!! Super ober excited about our mini getaway. We have two days to explore and So far I have booked us tickets for Alcatraz Island! I was told they book up fast..and so I hopped on that one :)

So far on our list is...
1. Lombard Street
3.Alcatraz Island
4.Golden Gate Bridge

So, I think we have enough to see and do...but where should we eat? Any suggestions..? We are looking for steakhouses/seafood!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thursday we are getting out of LA :) Of course every post deserves a beautiful picture!

This beautiful ring shot was taken at Liberty Mountain, in PA. It also just happens to be where we tied the knot!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day!

As many of you know, I would love to live closer to my family... We are on on west coast and they are on the east! Especially on a day like today... Fathers Day!!  I am missing out on Fathers Day breakfast...silly opening...dinner....{sigh}...  I was searching through some pictures that I scanned a long time ago..and found a couple to share! 

I LOVED my new playground set! It was designed with Smurfs :) Here I am swinging with my Dad! 

I also found this picture from Easter. Not sure what year but I think my brother looks soo adorable in that light blue suit! I'm holding up a dollar... haha! proud of my winnings!

Happy Father's Daddy! I so wish I could be there to help you all celebrate! I am anxious to hear all about your day!! Love You!

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing dads out there!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful Creations!

This is just a post on some recent wedding cakes that have caught my eye!  There are some very talented people out there who turn a wedding cake into a piece of art! All but of one cake was created on the East Coast! :)

Look closely, a vineyard inspired theme. Created by Couture Cakery, PA.

Simple and fresh...yet very unique. By Byers Butterflake Baker, PA

I love the use of color...and look at that bow! This was found from Hazelnut Photography blog, CA

Another earthy and organic cake. By Ana Parzych of Custom Cakes, CT.

This one is very artistic! Love this! By The Cake Studio, NYC.

The last but not least... this amazing creation! By Flower and Flour, NC. Starting with a brown bottom layer to represent the earth...all the way up to the light blue top for the sky.

What a beautiful post today!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exposed On Ellen!

Today, on Ellen...Joseph Vincent from California performed!  After watching him on tv..and on you got me thinking.. Wouldn't it be pretty awesome, to hire someone like Joseph to perform at your event? ...What a unique detail it would add to your day!!

If you missed Ellen today..please watch him perform a couple of songs...

This song has had over 1,842,771 hits already!

This is another one of my favorites...

 Well fellow bloggers what do you think? He is pretty talented...Ellen thinks so too:)

Joseph Vincent...Remember his name!
Click HERE  for Youtube, and don't forget his Myspace and  Facebook page.

Interested in having him perform at one of your events? 
Here is his contact, email:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lets Talk Baby!

As I have mentioned before, two of my neighbors are having babies! Nicole went first and had an adorable perfect little boy! I can't believe how fast time feels just like last week they were announcing her pregnancy! Her baby shower was tons of fun!!  She received so many precious gifts... well the time has come... here he is! I was able to hold this precious baby in my arms...1.5 days old.. I don't think I have ever held a baby that young...I was given the privilege to take a couple pictures of him for his birth announcements!

We tried hard to keep him awake..but he was determined...

It was fun putting him in different adorable positions...I was surprised he didn't wake up..

I was a bit obsessed with his tiny little feet!

I believe they choose this picture for the birth announcement. We will have to wait & see!

This little boy is simply loveable! Big yawn!

Okay, he feels better!

One of my favorite pictures...

Holding Mommy's finger...

Oh, it was such a blast with the little man! I can't wait for our next date!!!
Congrats to Nicole & Mike, who I am honored to call my friends :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Hazelnut Wedding!

My fav photographer Jordana over at Hazelnut Photography just posted some pictures from this wedding today...The bride did a tons of DIY projects.. and well I had to share with all of you! I am loving this first picture..such a unique pose.

A car like this just adds a whole different level of fun for pictures!

such a classy shot...

these groomsmen are such good sports!

So, the ceremony is simply adorable! The Bride and Mother did all the florals as well...Click to enlarge so you can see all the details...and the windows!!

...oh my all the details!!

Don't you think this Mother-Daughter team should start a career in wedding planning?!
What a fun way to end their special day!!

All Photography by Hazelnut Photography. Click HERE to see more from this wedding!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father's Day is Sneaking Up!

June 20th is coming up fast... Have you thought about a Father's Day gift? Well, Sony thought they should let me in on some new ideas...its the called the "Dash."  It's a personal internet viewer. Here are a couple of pictures.

Music, news, photos, movies, weather and traffic...checked instantly. It's an upgraded alarm clock! There is over 1,000 applications and no subscription fees along with Wi-Fi connection. 

I went ahead to read some of the reviews..and for the most part people were satisfied with their purchase. But there is always going to be some "cons" in any purchase... here is what some people had to say...
Pros: Its great waking up and seeing my live feeds, the weather report and the time all in one. You can also wake up to any of your songs, or online content
Cons: The only way to get your music/pictures onto this thing is via USB stick, and you must leave the usb stick in there as it has no internal storage. So basically it just makes it look tacky.
Pros: beautiful screen, slick design, user interface looks great, alarm works well with lots of options to wake up to, lots of apps
Cons: no battery (for portability OR alarm backup), user interface sluggish in places, not always the most intuitive, no network access to shared folders containing music, pictures, etc.
So, is it worth $199.00? Not sure...I was a little bummed about the no battery backup...but I think I may just take a gander and at least wait till the 2nd generation comes out.  Does anyone have the Dash? What are your thoughts? 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Friend's Engagement Shots

Remember those Save the Dates & Invitations? Well, they belong to my friends...Anna & Josh! They just got their engagement shots back! 
Thought I would share some of my favorites :)

The picture below is one of my favorites! It has some of "The Notebook" feel.

Who doesn't love a little black and white?

A picture with a little attitude...they rocked this one!

He is just taking her it!

They have two adorable pups...and they had to make an appearance!

Anna & Josh, we are very excited for your big day in July! Your pictures turned out beautiful!

Photography done by Madeleine Studios, her Uncle James.