Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father's Day is Sneaking Up!

June 20th is coming up fast... Have you thought about a Father's Day gift? Well, Sony thought they should let me in on some new ideas...its the called the "Dash."  It's a personal internet viewer. Here are a couple of pictures.

Music, news, photos, movies, weather and traffic...checked instantly. It's an upgraded alarm clock! There is over 1,000 applications and no subscription fees along with Wi-Fi connection. 

I went ahead to read some of the reviews..and for the most part people were satisfied with their purchase. But there is always going to be some "cons" in any purchase... here is what some people had to say...
Pros: Its great waking up and seeing my live feeds, the weather report and the time all in one. You can also wake up to any of your songs, or online content
Cons: The only way to get your music/pictures onto this thing is via USB stick, and you must leave the usb stick in there as it has no internal storage. So basically it just makes it look tacky.
Pros: beautiful screen, slick design, user interface looks great, alarm works well with lots of options to wake up to, lots of apps
Cons: no battery (for portability OR alarm backup), user interface sluggish in places, not always the most intuitive, no network access to shared folders containing music, pictures, etc.
So, is it worth $199.00? Not sure...I was a little bummed about the no battery backup...but I think I may just take a gander and at least wait till the 2nd generation comes out.  Does anyone have the Dash? What are your thoughts? 

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