Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exposed On Ellen!

Today, on Ellen...Joseph Vincent from California performed!  After watching him on tv..and on you tube..it got me thinking.. Wouldn't it be pretty awesome, to hire someone like Joseph to perform at your event? ...What a unique detail it would add to your day!!

If you missed Ellen today..please watch him perform a couple of songs...

This song has had over 1,842,771 hits already!

This is another one of my favorites...

 Well fellow bloggers what do you think? He is pretty talented...Ellen thinks so too:)

Joseph Vincent...Remember his name!
Click HERE  for Youtube, and don't forget his Myspace and  Facebook page.

Interested in having him perform at one of your events? 
Here is his contact, email: josephvincentbooking@hotmail.com

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