Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lets Talk Baby!

As I have mentioned before, two of my neighbors are having babies! Nicole went first and had an adorable perfect little boy! I can't believe how fast time feels just like last week they were announcing her pregnancy! Her baby shower was tons of fun!!  She received so many precious gifts... well the time has come... here he is! I was able to hold this precious baby in my arms...1.5 days old.. I don't think I have ever held a baby that young...I was given the privilege to take a couple pictures of him for his birth announcements!

We tried hard to keep him awake..but he was determined...

It was fun putting him in different adorable positions...I was surprised he didn't wake up..

I was a bit obsessed with his tiny little feet!

I believe they choose this picture for the birth announcement. We will have to wait & see!

This little boy is simply loveable! Big yawn!

Okay, he feels better!

One of my favorite pictures...

Holding Mommy's finger...

Oh, it was such a blast with the little man! I can't wait for our next date!!!
Congrats to Nicole & Mike, who I am honored to call my friends :)

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Teresa said...

Love the new theme and colors! Great shots of the newborn, too!