Thursday, June 3, 2010

Part 2 Anniversary!

So, on Sunday May 30th, our first anniversary..we spent the entire day pool side at my parents house. We were originally going to spend the day in NYC but after soo much traveling we decided to just relax and slow down. The sun was out in full force and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We also got to spend time with my other dog Eli Mae, who I had to leave with my Parents in PA..I just couldn't take her away from her backyard...So we had a little reunion as well! She LOVES to swim..

 The day flew by and it was time for dinner...we made reservations but decided to cancel them..we were exhausted from the sun! So, we ate at the house and pulled out our wedding cake!! It tasted so good! hmm lemon and vanilla..  :)

You can tell in the picture below how sun'd out I am!! I would have loved to have thrown on some makeup but I was just exhausted from our pool day! I was completely relaxed :)

 Once we rested, the Husband recommended that we get out of the house for a little and spend some time together. We were on the same page! So, where do we go where we are so super happy like two little kids? Hershey!!! We drove over to Chocolate World and had a blast! I somehow talked him into getting our picture taken on a chocolate bar! Paper is a traditional 1st anniversary gift!  Take a look....

It wasn't at all what we planned but in the end it turned out to be the perfect day for our 1st anniversary! 


Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the chocolate bar :)

mommy mye said...

that is so awesome! what a great way to celebrate your first anniversary. and that is so clever about paper being the first anniversary gift :) *high five* on that one! looks like you celebrated your anniversary the RIGHT surrounding yourselves with people you love and loves you and of course with eachother :) smiles all around. happy anniversary