Saturday, June 5, 2010

An East Coast Wedding

This past weekend we drove up to Long Island New York for a wedding. We were a little scared about the clouds that were rolling in but by the time the bride walked down the aisle the sky cleared up. The entire wedding took place at The Riviera. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Karen & Charlie's big day.

The ceremony took place outside by the water.

She looked stunning!

I loved how they stopped and kissed for a 2nd time!

Then we were off to the reception...just a couple of steps and we were there!

 The cake was simply elegant!

So after they did the traditional Mother/Father and Son/Mother dance...Karen and her Mother took the spot light... a Daughter/Mother dance! Talk about tears rolling....It was quite evident they have an amazing relationship...reminded me of my Mother...and how much I wish I would have thought about this for my wedding...
A Mother Daughter Dance!
These are my favorite two shots! Her Mother kept touching her sweet!

Here is the beautiful bride! Check out that gorgeous gown!

I am very anxious to see the professional shots!

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