Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cocktail Hour...

For some reason cocktail hour is so important to me! After viewing several...websites/magazines I keep seeing these "signature drinks." Totally up my ally! My signature drink would be some type of martini and Darin's would be a cold lager! BUT! We must find some drinks that our guests will enjoy so please vote and lets hear it. These drinks will be made and ready to go when the ceremony is over. PLEASE click on comment..end of this blog segment and let me know what you would rather see!

Also! I got my dress!! It is a beautiful couture dress! Once the dress was in my car it all started to feel so real. The designer is Paloma Blanca.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Speedy Delivery!

So after viewing over 150 pictures lastnight...over and over and over get the idea... These are a few of our favorites! We had a lot of fun! Hope you all Likey Likey! Click the picture for the true size!

Friday, May 2, 2008

and the winner is....drum roll please!!

So, we want to thank you for voting for which venue! We have decided to go with Ski Liberty! It really came down to...we wanted a traditional wedding. May 30, 2009 Is THE day! So put it on your calendar!!! We are really amazed by the responses for the serving of the meal! I would have thought being served would be the winner! So, we will see the prices..options..and go from there! I know the voting poll was acting up so I applogize and thanks for those who could vote!

Darin and I did get some of our engagement photos back...about 7 so far were posted and they turned out GREAT! I'm anxious for the rest! :) My Dad said his eyes got a little teary!

Bookings! the photographer and dj are set! Also, we have hired Jamie Lamb to coordinate the day of the wedding! Super awesome :) So then neither Darin or myself....or my Mother need to worry about anything but looking good for the camera! haha....

Who are we using? DJ: Phantom Shadow and Photographer: Sight Photography