Monday, October 27, 2008

Father Dibble Dabbles

This past weekend I asked my Father to take a dive into a project for moi. You must understand something...My Father dibble dabbles in everything! He takes the old melted wax from church and remolds them into new candles. Cuts out wooden shapes for his Mother In-Law for her church bazaar every year. He has a little workshop in the basement where he can disappear up to several hours at a time. So, when I came across this unique idea, I had no choice but to cut/paste into an email with LOVE Nikki as the signature!

I came across these water balloon luminaries.

It came from the They give step by step instructions on how to make these gorgeous luminaries. Plus, they give pictures each step of the way. (extremely helpful) I am requesting pictures from my Father as he attempts at this project and will post as soon as possible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it comes out great! I can just picture a few of these on the fireplace mantle. During the open house at our venue, I took a couple shots of the mantle to remember how they placed several different candles on the one side. I REALLY liked it! If we can master these candles, we can add different color to the wax and create a taupe..ivory..any color we want!

photo credit: ME

So, a huge thank you goes out to my Father and...i know my Mother will assist! So..THANK YOU! My parents are extremely helpful with the wedding planning. It is very hard living on the other side of the country and wanting to dibble dabble myself :)

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