Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Men!

Darin and I took a trip to Mens Warehouse this past weekend to check out the latest styles. We wanted something very simple and modern. The salesman was very patient with us and allowed me to dress up the top part of the mannequin. Jackets...ties...vests...shirts...etc! I took several pictures with my phone camera and unfortunately I am unable to convert onto the computer. But I did get some pictures off the website. So, a huge thank you goes out to Men's Warehouse and that very patient dude in the Redondo Beach, Ca store. Darin is all measured and ready to go!

This is the jacket/pants look. Now the question is...Vest or No Vest?

We went with the "tuscany" look. Now, I really want to buy the groomsmen ties, ivory/black stripe but if I can't find anything then they will wear this black stripe tie.

The groom may be sporting this "bisque" colored ensemble. Shh..but I'm thinking it may match something that the bride may be wearing :) I ordered a swatch so hopefully it will come soon so I can decide bisque or ivory. Again, vest or no vest? We have plenty of time to figure this out. Though, I'm leaning towards no vest. The venue is not fancy schmancy and I would like to keep it a comfortable feel.


Karen said...

Vests remind me of 1970's. Then again what goes around comes around. Love the off cream colored tie. Very handsome.

Mrs. in May said...

I vote no vest. That is what we are doing, My groom is very modern and particular about his clothes. He is looking at the same exact tux but he is going to have his own shirt since he always hates the way the rental shirts fit.