Thursday, October 23, 2008


I received a price quote from the florist the other day..and I was happy with what I saw! My DOC agreed! Currently quoted for groom..was double white/ivory spray rose, green hypericum, lemon leaf... and Bells of Ireland for the groomsmen. Honestly, when we went to the appointment I brought pictures and ideas along but I had no clue what I REALLY wanted. It was also the last stop on our LONG day of appointments. My mind was spinning! BUT! I was able to get an idea of prices and how much flowers cost etc.. I absolutely loved Megan and we hit it off immediately. Deposit sent..and we have a florist! Here is a picture of some flowers she let me keep! The groom looks estatic! It was a loooong day! Jessica from Tying the Knot recommended to take along ribbon..color swatches to show exactly what color you are looking for!

photo credit: Mom

It has been over a month since our visit to the florist and I have continued my search of flowers. I did find some other options to consider for the groomsmen. Here is a picture of what we picked out for now..but it will be two small spray roses versus one big traditional rose plus a large lemon leaf.

This caught my eye! How simple yet elegant!

photo credit: Jonathan Canlos Photography

The ribbon caught my attention in this photo! It is a completely different look.


jessica lynn said...

ohhhh i do like that last picture with the ribbon, that is really adorable! however, all the picts/options that you have will turn out looking great!

Karen said...

I love the last picture it is so classy.

An Atlanta Bride said...

I love the classy simplicity of the second one :)