Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Non Traditional Taste

Dear Friends and Family,

It seriously cracks me up when I share my ideas with others and get a "huh?" response. You know..when their eyes become big and open and their jaw may slightly drop... or they try to give a "i dont' want to hurt your feelings" look...So, I will let it out now..I am not your traditional bride...nor Woman! Of course there are tons of "traditional" things I want for our May 30th..but can't I tweak...modify...? I am an Occupational Therapist..aren't I? Always creating...problem solving...and most importantly making it meaningful for my patients... Wouldn't it only be normal for me to be extra creative and symbolic? So, I am giving you all a heads up...it will be OKAY! Trust me... if my bridesmaids wear black...DON'T FREAK OUT! If the Mothers' don't have a corsage...it will be okay. (I think my idea for the Moms are even better!!!)If I wear gorgeous designer black heels...I hope you smile :) Here are some pictures of other daring brides!

Photo credit: Left (unknown), Right: Amy Carroll Photography

Photo credit: Ann Hamilton


jessica lynn said...

our moms didnt have corsages either.....best.idea.ever.

jessica lynn said...

hey! i wanted to get back to you about what we DID do for the moms since we didnt do corsages. we didn't do anything. not a thing. both moms already had little clutch puses that they wanted to carry down the aisle (lipstick, kleenex, etc) so we didnt want to do a little bouquet. and they were adamant about not having something on their lapel. so they didn't have any flowers. and they loved it. i loved it. it looked GREAT not having them wear a tacky flower and it saved us about $40 with the florist.

Samantha Carnathan said...

AMEN. I am so over people who think black at a wedding is wrong. Our bridesmaids looked great in black!