Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

Last Tuesday, the FMIL drove down with us to Gettysburg to scope out a place for the rehearsal dinner. Our first stop was the Fairfield Inn. We each ordered a different plate to taste everything! Prices were decent and the amount food given was definitely not stingy! We were all stuffed by the end of the meals. The owner stopped by and gave us information on the Inn. There is a self-guided tour of the Civil War building. They just celebrated their 250th year celebration. 1757-2007! There are a couple different rooms for dining. The pictures below is the courtyard room which I hope we will be able to have it's nice size and decor...very warm feeling! Original fireplaces too!

In this the brick area..guests would place coins inbetween the brick for good luck...just like the "wishing well." The Inn had so much character..and history... Upstairs, in the self guided tour..they showed where the slaves would hide out...and try to escape. Also, President Eisenhower stayed here and had many dinners... infact they named a room after him in the Inn. The picture below is the Eisenhower room. Yet, it is very beautiful and afraid of attempting 30 + people in here! Every room has its own distinct characteristics!

photo credit, The Fairfield Inn

After our visit here..and seeing the expression on the FMILs face..I pretty much figured the dinner will be here... We did go see the Gettysburg Hotel..but they were just conference room..nothing special...plain..and I don't want to decorate the whole room! Both of our families are very into history...and this just feels right!

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jessica lynn said...

that sounds and looks great! isn't it great to have things falling into place!?