Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Part Two..Zap Zap Zap!

I want to share a little about Laser Genesis Skin Resurfacing. Last week I had my first appointment with Cecelia. I was informed it wasn't as painful as the laser hair removal session but I must disagree. It was VERY painful!! She told me it was due to my "thin skin." I am not very educated when it comes to skin care...etc.. I use Clarins lotion..face wash and that is about it! Since this past summer, I have had a couple facials but they do not help out with my "collagen." As I was informed!

So, back to Genesis--it basically stimulates collagen regrowth. It helps with scars, redness, uneven skin textures and wrinkles! I have those lines between my eyes...around my eyes...ahh..and I'm only 27!! It also assists with large pores...the pain intensifies when it "zaps" around the larger pores or lines. The cost is slightly less then laser hair removal. The spa I'm currently going to has a special going on right now for 5 treatments for $450.00. They recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks for the first couple months. She recommended for me to follow up 1 treatment per month..then every other month. Even though it was very painful I feel this is more beneficial at this time versus the hair removal. My skin is getting hair will always be there! Plus..who is honestly going to notice I had laser hair removal!! Hopefully the photographs will show my gorgeous skin!

Now..if I could only get the groom to participate in the "facial" department :)

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livinlavida said...

I think that you might be highly into a product that I use... I use Arbonne products, have you ever heard of it before? They're all natural, nothing bad for the skin and everything oh so good. I love the way my face looks after using it... They also have some amazing "eye lift" serum... It does wonders!