Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trash It!

Ever since I learned about "Trash the Dress" photography..I have definitely been intrigued by the whole idea. From what I have read...seen..Many couples do this session the day after their wedding. Since we will be getting married back east in the mountains..I figured that would be a lot of fun...taking shots by the creeks..etc...Then I found these lovey shots by Amy Carroll. The beach would be a fabolous setting! So...I'm currently thinking we should just wait and find the perfect spot! Lets not rush anything :) This looks like so much fun!!!

Photo Credit: Amy Carroll

I was just thinking how nice it would be to create a blurb book with our "trash" shots!

Are you thinking about getting down and dirty?!

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livinlavida said...

I have thought about it!!! I love the photos and think it would be way too much fun. I guess I'm too nervous about actually ruining the dress. I think i'm such a romantic at heart that I want my kids to be able to wear it... Live it up for me though!