Monday, January 16, 2012

Unique Groom Gifts

I have been coming across some unique gifts lately that would make the perfect gift for your Groom! Most of these items are priced under $100!

My top 5 gifts!

1. Atari Arcade for the IPad- I loved playing Atari games...this was before the Nintendo! So, depending on the age of your Groom, he may not have even heard of it! :) But if he did have one growing up, this will definitely take him down memory lane!  I mean, look at that joy stick!!

Pros- Only costs around $60
Cons- Must have an IPad

2. College Steak Branding- If your Groom is anything like mine, he loves a good steak and his college! Heck, it may even encourage him to grill more! They even create custom designs!

Pros-custom branding irons are 100% Made In The USA, in Kansas City, MO.
Cons- can't find one!

3. Ugg "Ascot" Slippers- You can find this comfy pair over at Nordstroms! This gift would be perfect for a fall wedding gift! Something for your Groom to cozy into in the evenings while you snuggle up together on the couch for the first time as Husband & Wife!!

Pros-SUPER comfy! Probably something your Groom wouldn't even consider getting for himself!
Cons-Pricey $100, especially if you are on a budge and/or wanted to get him something else! Besides that, you can't go wrong...

4. Lomokino Movie Camera- Is your Groom into photography/movie making? Throw in some vintage feel and you got yourself one of these! It shoots short movies. Click on over to learn more..cause there is!!

Pros-This camera won't break the bank! $78 Create movies together!
Cons- Works with 35mm film, so yes,  you must wait for it to get developed.. It's been a while since we all had to do that...  But the reviews says its worth it!

5. Ray-Ban Sunglasses- These are definitely trending.. Perfect for your honeymoon! 

Pros-Come in a variety of colors! The price ranges from $100-170. Choose which fits your budget.
Cons- Make sure your Groom can pull off this look, not everyone can!

I know when I was searching for a Grooms Gift, it just wasn't easy! 
Then, I took the plunge and made him a boudoir book.  Ladies-it was definitely an experience of a lifetime :)  If this isn't up your alley, hopefully one of these ideas have helped you out!

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