Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Wedding- My Dress

As many of you read one week prior to our wedding, I was informed that my wedding dress was destroyed at the cleaners! Well long story short the boutique in town had my dress (they ordered it in for me over a year ago and I ended up not purchasing it because I got it 50% off in LA) and the cleaners bought it off the rack for me and it was in amazing shape... So, here are some beautiful shots of my gown! So Whew!

These are my favorite!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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Which one is your favorite?


miss2misses said...

I love your dress-very pretty! And the pictures you've been showing so far are just amazing. My fave dress pic is the black and white one with you in background getting ready :) congrats on your wedding and best wishes :)

Jenny.Lee said...


Soon to be Mrs. G said...

I love, love the black and white one with you in the background...sooo pretty! I can't wait for pictures like this!

Adrienne said...

I love the third one with you in the background getting ready! I so want one of those!!

jessica lynn said...

i loooove the first two! hey i sent you an e-mail about your friend had a question on the green pattern that was on each one. was that a stamp?! let me know! thanks!

Abbie said...

I just realized you had two dresses! Very fun!