Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Wedding: Old Fashion

Soon as I saw a couple shots like below...I told myself I had to capture a shot like that on our big day. When we went to Mont Alto on Sunday...we got that shot! Our photographer even gave us several different styles of it! It was very hard not to laugh and look ever so serious! :)

photo credit: Rebekah Westover

And here are our shots! That little chapel was so adorable and perfect to capture amazing shots.

photo credit: Sight Photography
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My favorite one is the first picture...I love how my dress looks in these shots! This is my 2nd dress by the way! I changed into it after dinner! The last picture I will admit, looks a bit scary!
Have a wonderful Thursday!!


Jenny.Lee said...

Very pretty!

chelsea said...

Those are great shots! Good eye lady!

Iva said...