Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Wedding: The Programs

A couple of words to describe the programs...Frustrating & Beautiful! Yes, what a set of words!! I do not have any professional pictures of them at this point but took some myself. Here is a picture showing off my beauties! The goal was simple and classy! I think we achieved that :)

My wonderful BM Danielle designed each page for me and used the same theme from my invitations and placecards. I really loved how I was able to use the floral damask pattern and birds throughout our special day. Here is a close up of the front:

The second page was a list of family and friends in the wedding etc. The third page was the order of the ceremony. If you look closely you can see one of the birds!

On the back side we did a remembrance area for our family. I had many compliments on this part and our officiant did read those names along with beautiful words in the beginning of our ceremony.

Photo Credit: ME
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Now why did I say frustrating? Well, the most frustrating part was tying the ribbon. Please make sure you double check the ribbon you are purchasing! The ribbon decided to turn our fingers black and it also rubbed onto our paper... UGH! I went back to Michaels and found another brand and took a shot at it..and YAY no more black fingers! It also took a very LONG time to complete all of them. So, my advice is to start VERY early if you decide to take on a DIY project like this! A huge thanks to my Parents who helped me tackle this project! I was only able to do all of this one week prior to the wedding..

Also, we had about 145 guests at the ceremony and I only made 100! Saved time & money. We had about 15 left over. Usually a couple will only take one program..if anything please don't make a program for each guest! To find some other good tibits on programs, head over to Tying the Knot, trust me on this one!


Nicole-Lynn said...

They turned out great!

jessica lynn said...

i didnt realize how long it would take me to tie the ribbon on my programs either! ha! and we made less too, since not everyone takes one.

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

oh i love them! beautiful!

and to answer your question, the ribbon on my invites didn't turn my fingers a color...but they are sheer ribbons, maybe that helped?!

Teresa said...

I agree that many couples only took a single program — I offered one or two when they signed the guest book and many realized they would only need one.