Monday, January 19, 2009

Invitations take 2!

Okay everyone... after hearing some suggestions...and my own thoughts...this is what we have come up with! I really like how the birds are adoring each other :) I also LOVE the script font used for our names! Earlier, I posted this with some first drafts...etc.. And thank you to all who gave your suggestions...and sweet comments! I will let you all know what our final decision is once we send it off to the printers!!

Please give design credit to Teresa VanWagner, for contact info please send me your information!


jessica lynn said...

very pretty! you must be so pleased with how it turned out!

Teresa said...

thanks for all of the feedback! nik, i'm thinking we should go a bit darker with the green....feels a little hot. what do you think?

AshleyC said...

What a talented friend we have. It looks great Nikki