Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lets Get Creative...hmm

I really want to have a cake for the Groom! There are many creative groom cakes out there and I am having a difficult time figuring out what he would want. Maybe he would want to take over and decide on his own but something tells me it would be better to go ahead and do this myself :) He would be surprised to see a PennState Cake! or a Tazmania Devil sitting there! This would be just another little gift to my soon to be husband :)

Are You having a Grooms Cake?


Right to your man's heart :) Photos: Cake Channel

Last summer, for my Fiance's 30th Birthday I surprised him with this cake! It was definitely a hit! He absolutely loved it!! This is his favorite beer and they do not sell it on the west coast. Every time we fly home he is always ready for a Yuengling!

photos: ME


Adrienne said...

We aren't having a groom's cake, but if we were a "beer" cake would be SO perfect for my FH!!

Southern Bride To Be said...

My fiance refuses for me to have a themed cake. So we compromised...He get's his favorite cake (German Chocolate), and I get to decorate it with chocolate covered strawberries. :)