Sunday, January 18, 2009

Registry Shopping...trip 1

photo: ME

Last weekend the Fiance and I went to Crate and Barrel for our first registry shopping event. He was sorta into it...but it definitely didn't help that the Steelers were coming on in 1 hour. There was so much stuff to go through and figure out if it was something that we wanted...or would use. I'm glad we looked online ahead of time and printed off their list...we went thru it marking items that looked good. This definitely saved us time when we went to sku items! Since we are not big time chefs...we didn't get much in pots..pans..etc...but we totally hit up the bar area and serving dishes..appetizer platters..etc. Something tells me we won't have a huge registry since we do not have a house...a small 1000sq foot we figured why not have a Honeymoon Registry!

Has anyone added their Honeymoon to their registry? I have seen it done before...and we just added a section on our website stating the information of our Travel Agent for certificates! I hope those who decide to give a gift are comfortable with the certificate for Honeymoon. There is also that I have taken a look at... Has anyone used this site before? It gives information on your trip and possible tours the two of you would like..and the guests go to your site and choose things to purchase towards your honeymoon.

The Fiance and I have decided to push back our honeymoon date a couple weeks due to the prices and having no idea where we will be living at the time! We are currently on the west coast...having an east coast wedding....(where we are from). We are looking for a place to go for 2 nights to get away right after the wedding... a mini-honeymoon!!


Heather said...
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Southern living at its best... said...

I haven't heard of that before! But, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what my fiancee and I are going to do, I have it on my to do list. The link to Honeyfund isn't working thought

Nicole said...

yes, i saw that... the link is

for some reason...the links don't work..i do them all the same too!!

hope that helps!