Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cross off the list!

The Fiance and I took care of quite a bit over the Holiday and I must say...we got some steals!! First, we hit up the Brooks Brothers outlet in Hershey and found THE tie the GMs will be wearing. We saved over $50 per tie :) While we were in line I was looking through the jewerly kiosks and snatched up some beautiful earrings for my BMs! We saved about $15 per piece. Is this too easy? I was able to get a decent photo of the tie! We wrapped them up in tie boxes and found the most manly wrapping paper---all done! Unfortuantely I didn't think to take a pic of the earrings..but thats okay...I wrapped them up gorgeous too....let it be a suprise!

One thing that has really been bothering me is the TUX situation. We already went to Mens Warehouse...but I just wasn't convinced this was the tux for my Groom :) I honestly don't think he was sold either.. So, while I was surfing tux shops back in the east coast I came across Strictly Formals. They had so much more to look at and the gentleman Greg, ended up being a lot of help. We ended up going with a destination suit versus a tuxedo to keep the look simple. The Fiance will sport a cream vest with a cream tie...the GMs will sport a black vest with our tie. The vest made it a bit more dressed up and they will definitely stand apart from our guests. I had to add this shot of my brother getting ready to be measured..he looks thrilled! But I must say a huge thank you to him...helping us pick out the suit...matching everything up! Thanks Mike!!

It also didn't hurt that Greg was a huge PSU fan :) He had tons of collectibles all around his showroom...Below is a pic of Dad and Fiance looking at all his stuff!

So, we can definitely scratch off GMs apparal and gifts and BMs apparal and gifts. WHEW! It feels soo good to be finally done with all of that stuff!

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jessica lynn said...

horray for getting those details crossed off your list! the ties look great!