Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You!

The day after our wedding, we drove over to Penn State Mont Alto campus for some pictures! I graduated from Mont Alto back in '02!! It was so nice to be back on campus and walk around...share stories with my Husband!! The weather was amazing as well...and I was totally psyched about getting started with our photographer.

So, lets get started with some recap! This is my favorite shot for our "Thank You" postcards..

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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Now, should we add anything on the postcard? Or should we add more pictures to the other side...for our guests to check out..I came across Jessica's recap (Tying the Knot) on her thank yous...and she did this!

Hmm..which way to go....what to do....what to do! I want to order my Thank You cards right away! This is definitely one of my pet peeves....I don't know how people can take months to send a thank you...As I am typing this post....I am going crazy cause I don't have anything to mail out yet!

I was very happy with our STDs postcards...so I will probably use Overnight Prints again!

A super huge thank you to my bridesmaid Danielle for making our sign!!!!!


jlc said...

oh my gosh!!

that is the cutest idea ever!!!!

Amanda B. Young said...

Loving that photo! And also loving the blog header photo. You look STUNNING!

Anna said...

i want your photographer!

Jessica said...

Pretty picture!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I think the picture you're using is adorable! Love the postcard idea... I think it's definitely the way to go!

Btw - you really look like Brook Davis from OTH on your header photo! :)

jessica lynn said...

1. love the thank you card sign picture (obviously). our guests loved ours!
2. love the new header.
3. i second the comment about you looking like brooke davis from one tree hill :)

Nicole said...

i LOVE brook davis!!! you guys are too sweet!

chelsea said...

eeeeeek I LOVE this idea and plan on doing something similar when our time rolls around!