Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Wedding: The Bride Getting Pretty

I was very calm the morning of our wedding. Everyone came together in my parents room for hair and makeup! My two favorite stylists were there to make everyone gorgeous for the big day! I must say...that morning went super fast and when scheduling your ladies appointments please add extra time! It will go faster than you think!

I was on my blackberry all morning! I was getting so many messages!!

Here is a cute shot of my bridesmaid! Who knows what we were chatting about! Oh, I miss her! I wish I could simply beam myself back to that moment!

I totally recommend hiring someone to do your makeup!

Love this creative shot!

Gotta love that Sexy Little Bride jacket! I also got an amazing delivery of balloons and flowers! I told you I loved balloons!!

Photo Credits: Sight Photography
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I really enjoyed spending that time with my friends and family. Living across the country and away from everyone...really makes you appreciate those special times! Unfortunately, I didn't get a group shot of us ladies all done up prior to getting dressed! I'm telling you...the morning will fly by!!!!! So, maybe make a specific list...and give it to a bridesmaid to make sure you get your shots!


skywind said...

Prays for heavenly blessing you! Wishes you to be forever happy, forever falls in love! : )
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Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw you looked so happy and pretty. Love the pictures! How fun you got balloons! :)

Jessica said...

Great pictures. Love them! And I hope to be that calm too in like 3 weeks...woah!