Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Wedding: Penn State!

My Husband and I met at Penn State University back in the fall of 2002! Wow, that was almost 7 years ago! So, it was only natural for some of our details to include our beloved Ala Mater.

We purchased 2 glasses for our toast! They were perfect and simple! Everyone loved these...our guests kept coming up to our table and taking pictures of us holding them in the air!

photo credit: Sight Photography

We purchased PSU hats for the Groomsmen! Took a couple shots...Doesn't my Husband look handsome in that suit and white hat!? The hats were another gift to our GMs!

photo credit: Friend

Another ring shot...possibly my favorite one! Love that lion symbol in the back!

photo credit: Sight Photography

and..lastly the PSU Garter! I ended up purchasing 2 to to keep! I kept the PSU one of course!

photo credit courtesy of

Are you including your Ala Mater in your wedding?


Hi, Lane said...

We sure did! We had Clemson cake toppers, a Clemson grooms cake, Clemson garters, and one of our colors was orange. Go Tigers!

Hi, Lane said...

I also gave you an award!

Jessica said...

Thats a sweet idea :-)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love that you and your hubby are college sweethearts! My beau and I are high school sweethearts. :) Love the glasses and hats, so cute! Your rings are gorgeous!

Mojito Maven said...

Psssssst, come over and check out my blog. There is a surprise for you on it :)

Sunshinemeg said...

Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! I looked back and love the dance video from someone's wedding. Too cute! Congrats on your wedding. I'm getting married in November. Cute blog.

Emily said...

YES! Love the Penn State touches. Let's Go State!