Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Wedding: Venue & Table Settings

One of the reasons we fell hard for our venue was how beautiful the inside was of Boulder Ridge. The color of the wood...along with the fireplace sold me instantly. The large size windows welcomed the natural the evening the glow of the candles bounced off them...

We had a sweetheart table and we placed a couple strands of lights underneath to make it a bit more special. It was just the right amount of "something" to make our table stand out. Again, those windows in the background just made this photo even morning special.

You can see how the fireplace went from the floor to the ceiling! Our guests had a nice amount of room to move around and get their groove on the dance floor!

Here is another shot showing left of the fireplace. I don't think I would want to be in charge of cleaning all those windows! The DJ was placed upstairs and out of the way. This allowed us more space and no pictures with DJ equipment in the background.

photo credit: Sight Photography
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Here is a shot of one of our tables. We had 1/2 the tables with hydrangeas and the other 1/2 had a medium sized white candle in the middle. Using flowers for only 1/2 the tables saved me a lot of money. It was very important to me to have fresh flowers for our tables and so I compromised with myself on this one! We had many compliments on our flowers! They were white with a touch of green which was exactly what I wanted!

Here is a close up of our hydrangeas! We also placed candles on all the tables with hershey kisses!

photo credit: Jeremy Drey

At the last minute our venue had black tablecloths for us to use for free! I was sooo happy! Another several dollars saved.... We were going to get chair covers but to be honest with you...I think it would have been too much. The tan chairs worked out fine and they didn't stick out that bad. I'm glad we just said the heck with them!

I have some upclose pictures of my placecards, napkins and my moo cards!!!! Yep, I purchased some last minute adorable moo cards :) I will post them very soon!!!


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So pretty! I love the idea with the light.

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you venue is awesome!!

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Wow! Your venue was gorgeous! The wood work through out is amazing!

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Wow,wonderful.I have not words to explain the beauty of wedding venues and table setting.