Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Wedding- Wine Boxes

I'm going to jump around a little bit with my recaps..

One DIY project that I was able to complete on time, were the wine boxes. Our guests were asked to sign each box with a message! For our first 5 years of marriage we would open one bottle of wine and read all of our sweet notes from our guests. As you see there are 6 boxes..I know we couldn't wait a whole year for our first bottle so we opened the very 1st one the next day:)

We ordered them in plain natural wood and painted them a simple black. I made a little sign to explain what to do and purchased some silver markers. This was probably the easiest DIY project ever! Again-thank you to my Father for painting!!! If I had more time, I would have purchased a table runner or placed flowers to jazz up the area a bit. Again, It was so hard to do everything living across the country!

Here are a couple of shots!

photo credit: Friend


Each box was completely full of sweet notes from our amazing guests!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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We also did a guest book but when I heard about this idea I had to jump on it! It also got our guests up and moving around. We had many compliments on this idea! As to where did we find our wine boxes...I honestly cannot remember! We found a site online..and took a chance!

I was very very pleased with our DIY project!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very neat! :)

Sunshinemeg said...

Great idea. I love the black box with white writing. Lovely

Heidi said...

What a great idea!

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh, I never even saw these boxes — they're so cool! I don't know why I never made it to that side of the room. And I'm not even sure if Jeremy and I signed your guest book....we might have to do that at some point to prove we were there!

Future Mrs. H said...

This is such a fabulous idea!

erin said...

Awesome idea. I was wondering where you ordered the boxes from? Thanks.