Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Wedding- The Ceremony 1

Early in the planning stages I shared how we were going to have a hand fasting in our ceremony. I loved what it symbolized and meant. We are now bounded for life! Everyone at our wedding raved about this part and how "unique" it was to watch!

Below are some pictures from our hand fasting ceremony. We used simple gold pieces of rope.

I also lo
ved how two of my bridesmaids assisted with the hand fasting. Each person in our bridal party had something "to do." You can see two of my BMs assisting here below. It was also very warm on our wedding day and I had to occasionally help out my sweetie!

Then, each
piece of rope was tied in knots around our hands.

Then, we decided to make a tweak in the ceremony and our minister took off all the knots except for one. This last knot joined my left and his right hand. In the Orthodox Church (my religion) it is custom for the bride and groom to walk around the alter three times. We used a little table which sat an icon, cross and a Bible. Walking around three times symbolized the Holy Trinity and the couples pledging to be together till eternity. We incorporated a lot of Orthodox tradition yet made it our own. We worked very close with our Minister who also did a lot of research to make our ceremony very memorable.

Here is a picture of our two GM's assisting with the table.

Here we are walking around the table.

It was such a beautiful day!

I know our backs are to the camera but I really love how you can see our guests in this picture! Oh and the beautiful sky!

All Photos: Sight Photography
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Anonymous said...

So beautiful! The sky was unbelievable that day, you lucky girl. The dress is gorgeous. Great shots!

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

what a unique and special thing to do! i love hearing how people incorporate different traditions in their wedding! your wedding was gorgeous!

hooray for your TTD! it was SO. MUCH. FUN. seriously! hoooray!

Candice said...

You were such a beautiful bride and your day looks gorgeous!!!! Congrats again.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Such beautiful pictures! Very unique, love it :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Your photographer took beautiful photos of the hand fasting.

Heidi said...

Could you have had a more beautiful day?!?! Wow!!!